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Adventure is Out there! #UP #Deasupratututor

Adventure Is Out There!

Soviet camera from Chisinau
Well it was a weird week because we had Zone Conferences.  So i went on an exchange with an AP, Elder Sanchez on Tuesday and on Wednesday. While my companion, Elder Christensen, went on an exchange with Elder Johnson.  

On Tuesday, my companion and Elder Johnson went to Cluj-Napoca for Zone conference there.  They got to take a plane.  Elder Sanchez and I stayed inBucharest.  In the morning, we went to the office to get some business outta the way and after that we went Less Active contacting in an interesting way.  We drove to an area that had a few less actives in it and Elder Sanchez in his planner wrote down their addresses but on purpose he left a couple pieces of information left out, so that we would have to ask neighbors and people in the area for directions and everything.  This worked out Wonderfully!  The best contacts we made were 1) i asked for directions from this one lady and her kid and it turns out she wasnt from the area.  She is Romanian but she has lived in Germany for the last little while.  And her kid didnt understand romanian too well.  She helped us look for the family we were searching for and we talked alot about our church and invited her to conference.  She said she didnt have the way to get to our branch building so we gave her the link instead.  She was way cool.  
2) Directly after that, we went looking for the family and it just turned out that the wife of the husband showed up as soon as we asked an old gentleman where the family lived and he said "hey look!  Theres the wife."  So we went and talked to her.  She was really nice and we showed her the new easter video.  She said she missed everyone at the church but she joined another religion and it would be some time before she came back.  We still invited her to conference.  (She had a spider crawling on her neck right as we were about to say bye but me and my companion didnt say anything haha) #laughing..   Later that night, we contacted an english student of Elder Sanchez's at herJaponese restaurant.  It was a little expensive (alot expensive...) but really good.  She was really cool and we had a good time talking to her and the staff there. 

Pushup contest
The next day, we went to Galati for zone conference.  That was an adventure.  Walter Plumb from Moldova came with us.  It was a fun car ride there and back.  The zone conference was good too.  After Zone conference, Elder Sanchez and I wanted to go contacting in Galati with Walter Plumb because he is literally a master genious beast status courageous dude conatcting machine #deusexmachinastatusalphabird.  #nomanstopshim  Literally, 2 seconds out the door, he contacted the people by the gateway at the church building, challenged them to a pushup contest and commited them to come to church.  Same happened to this barber he contacted close to the church building.  #dope #teachmemaster #padawanNango

Galati Zone Conference
Our skype lessons mostly got bunged this week, but we taught one skype lesson that went really well.  It was with this mom and dad who moved to germany.  They were taught all the lessons in German but they want to make sure they understand.  SO we re-taught the restoration and emphasised baptizm and they committed for sure! #bravo  Their date was already established but we made sure they understood what they were doing and they are gunna be great!  Im excited for them.  

Saturday/ Sunday were conference and those went really well.  We didnt get anyone to come out though, friend-wise ;/  But i made some cool friends on the saturday session.  The advanced English class came to the office to watch the session and we had a mexican fiesta.  #yum I miss real mexican food (or az mexican food) #jokes  And i talked to lots of them and it was a good time.

Spiritual Thought:
Well this is going to be hard because there is so much to pull from General Conference...But i think i will do something simple and explain an experience.
  The first speaker of the Saturday session was President Henry B Eyring.  His talk answered so many of my prayers, caused me to feel so much comfort, felt tailored to what i needed to hear and nearly brought tears to my eyes.  His talk was a great way to start the conference.  I know that Thomas S Monson is God's called prophet on the earth.  I know by listening to his counsel we will be blessed and know God's will.  Likewise, i know God has called those men we listened to this last weekend and that they are truly servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is Christ's true church restored with the original Priesthood keys again upon the earth.  I am grateful for my friends and my family for supporting me in this courageous effort to find people to teach and baptize about this happy message.  I would exhort all of you my loved friends and family to find those in need of an uplifting message this Easter season and help them find that comfort that they either know or dont know that they are in need of. 
I am grateful for the prophets seers and revelators that we have in these latter days and for the revelation i have received throughout my membership in this church to become a better person and realize my full potential.  I know that i am a Child of God.

I love all of you and hope you have a good week!  😂😊

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