Monday, June 27, 2016

Arad for Dayzzz

Hey guys!  Not in too much of a mood to write very long today.

I had a pretty good week.  I have been in Arad and the city is really quiet.  Way different than Bucharest.  X)  I think it is really weird.  It makes me feel more homesick than when i got to Romania X)  I thought that was funny.  I miss buch as my home X) 

Oh well, in the past, and life continues in newer and better ways!

Sunday was cool.  I met all the members who came and it was cool. The members are dope here.  One of them is a dope musician and his son is too.  His son played for Steve Vai and plays for Smiley (romanian pop artist). We finally got our english cards so now we can go hard on the english contacting.

We have a senior couple here.  One of them is romanian which is cool so we can talk in romanian and not have any pressure.  

Love you guys!
Varstnicul  Casio Nango


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