Monday, June 27, 2016

Awaken my Friends

My week was "meh" homies but it was busy so thats what matters i guess....
On the dearest day of Tuesday I became dreadfully ill.  And by dreadfully i mean i had a headache and stomache and therefore was a "Poor Petuh Parkuh" and had to stay home because of my lack of #focus.  -12 Focus points.  However, i did muster up the strength to go out to meet our investigator Tolik in the later evening at a #young restaurant named Galbenus.  Traditional food from Moldova, cafeteria style.  Tolik convinced us to try this milk based drink called Chefir.....Filled with vitaminy goodness that will bring you to gag...#yum  He is doing well.  He has been reading the Book of Mormon like a #champ.  #bravo  

We continue our story at a little pizza joint under the name of Andy's Pizza.  A quaint little location that we met up with the other Elders and a potential named Iora on a whimsical Wednesday.  He is really cool but not too interested in the gospel.  So we dont see him too often but he loves the missionaries.  So who knows what might happen i n the future.  Anywho...our lovely lunch date turned into a nice conversation about the infamous Law of Chastity. #clutch  It started out rough but eventually we were able to explain that sex (who snickered) is that Godly power given to us mere mortals and we need to respect that, yo. 

On Thinking Thursday, i pondered alot..due to the fact that it was a S  L  O  W  day. Our proprietar came and told us about the horrendous condition our apartment is in..(It is probably the cleanest apartment in the mission)  Thank you Elder Miner for the cleaning lessons. #picstofollow  So we waited for her to leave and ended up not getting to our lesson so we had the sister missionaries replace us and they did awesome!  So we made them brownies to replace the gloriously warm hugs we would have given them. #gratitude #obediance  

In continue, we traversed the week and made it to a very furious Friday.  I wont go into details but I became very angry with a certain lady who takes care of our bills and payments who just so happen to question my skills and aptitudes as a missionary for the Lord Jesus..But i kept a smile on my face till i left her office. #smiles  We went to the ward Family Home Evening and everything became better.  Du (Zoo)  came back from Vietnam.  He is an investigator from a couple transfers ago.  He is a very typical Asian person and is one of the coolest and kindest people in the world.  I hope this gentleman gets #DUNKED.  

Now we arrive to Signup Saturday.  We had English Signups from 1-3 at the chapel.  It was a crazy busy 2 hours.  It was loads of fun though.  We had good conversations with our students and Elder Swafford and I will teach theMedium English Class.  #prostatus  Our class might be huge...Im really scared...47 people is a lot of mouths to fill with English..#prayforme 

And finally, we arrive to Sadness Sunday..The great day where everyone is around their loved ones and you get to be around no one..But it became much better when i woke up and saw Elder Swafford and said a prayer and remembered i got plenty of loved ones around me #nohomo  Services went good at church and it was a huge attendance.  45 people.  Thats alot (trust me you American spoiled ones) .  We continued our day with some hometeaching visits to Sevghi, a member who is preparing to go on a mission.  She is gunna do great!  And then to a nice old man named Mr. Hunganu.  Also a nice man who loves to talk (like every old, lonely Romanian/Moldovan).  As the night struck, we were invited to Valea Moriilor with our investigator Tolik. A nicely illuminated park in Chisnau Moldova.  We saw the Russian Elders as well who were singing in the park.  So we joined them for a little and then continued our Valentines day stroll through the park.  Just the Three of Us guys..#nohomo  We recommited Tolik to keep the Sabbath day holy by not buying stuff on the Lords Holy Day and he was hesitant but eventually commited.  #blessingstofollow

Anyway, my week went good, i guess but i hope yall have a great week in your respective lives!

 Sunday was my year to going home mark...I will have been home for around 24 hours one year from this email..  :0  We will see how that Valentines day goes the day i come home haha.

Spiritual Thought:
I had a cool experience this week too with the Big Man Upstairs.  I have been praying to Heavenly Father for months now to help me and guide me to be a better missionary.  I have received much counsel and inspiration but i asked our Father in Heaven this week to give me something really specific to focus on and improve and to reveal it to me it in a special way.  Later that day, i got onto a troleibus and eventually a man got on and it was a crowded bus.  He had a overfilled plastic bag filled with liquor.  After the bus went really fast and quickly halted to a stop the mans bag tore open and his alchohol fell on the ground and the plastic bottles rolled all over the place.  Although the man was struggling, chasing all his bottles i snickered to myself and thought "Haha, thats what you get for giving in to the temptation to drink".  However, all of a sudden, all the people on the bus started helping him.  One man grabbed the bottle and gave it to the gentleman and another and another and so on and so forth.  Then another lady gave him an extra bag she had and the man put it inside there.  He was very grateful.  All i could do was sit there and be sad.  Here was a fellow Child of God and i sat there and laughed at him.  Jesus would have helped His fellow man regardless of the sins he partook of.  Let us all help our fellow man and not judge to be not jugded

Привеште черул...

Heartz-ку драг ,
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Вырстникул Никасио Нейнгэу
Sick days


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