Saturday, June 25, 2016

BBQ Fourth of July!

Well as the title suggests...It was a great week in romania!!!!!!Flip My comp leaves in a week and i am sad :( But he will be awesome and maybe some of you might asee him before he goes to college :)  Today for pday we had a BBQ and celebrated 4th of july and america.  Super fun.  We weekly planned at Tucanoes coffe shop on tuesday #hiplife Then we had a cool meeting at the mission office about the Pathways BYUi program is open in Bucharest now.  That will help the members here so much! I cant wait to see it flourish here.  It will help alot of people.  One of our investigators had like 3 lessons set up this week and skipped out on all of them :\ rog...Nu conteaza.  English classes were small this transfer...we didnt contact as mnuch for them because we had so many lessons.  But it was fun none the less.  Then we found this place called Toastmasters which is like romanian Public speaking.  And Elder Brundage was super into it.  He loved it so much!  When he comes back to ROmania hwe will be going there every week X)  We met with a couple of members this week who are on the Churchs translating team for stuff.  They are dope.  Then we had zone training on friday and we prepared for the Meet ther Mormons showing that was at the Chapel.  The open house kinda failed...but the movie itsel;f had a smallish turnout but big results!!!  Like 3 new potentials and 1 new investigator! awesome!  

I ate alot of wraps this transfer and this next transfer i want to drink alot of smoothies X)  so i guess you could a healthnut #imabadboy #gagalulaughed

I love all of you and i know that this gospel is true.  A cool experience that i ghad this week:
so my best friedn in the mission right now, her name is Daisy, is not interested in the gospel at all.  The sister missionaries tried teaching her once and they butchered the lesson super hardcore....(telling her she would go to Hell...) ma rog..  And  i have been meeting with her to practice my teaching skills in romanian (she speaks english and romanian very well).  And it has been super helpful.  And apparently when she first found the sisters, she was super messed up. college party girl.  But she has been doing a lot better and doesnt get wasted and stuff all the time.  And recently she has come to us with like weird mormon doctrine questions and random stuff and we helped answer them.  Then one day we are sitting and chatting and she sarcastically says, teach me something abouyt your religion..And we taught hwer the restoration.  In so many ways i see myself in her and i know that she has some weird vague interest in the gospel.  She hangs out at tghe church more thasn our investigator do!  She knows missionary work better than the members do X) (She has been there while qwe plan, teach and discuss) So awesome!  I know that she will be baptized one day and she is recognizing that Light of Christ that all people are given.

I am grateful for this opportunity to know her.  She leaves in august for school in the netherlands in english!! She is a boss!! And i know that Heavenly father will guide her in thwe right path.  :)  I lvoe Jesus Christ and all that he does for us.  I hope you all continue to rememebr the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and what it means.

Love yall and hope to hear from some of ya next week :)
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Polaroid for dayz

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