Saturday, June 25, 2016

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Casa Poporului
Hey howdy hey friends and families!  I miss all of you and i was very excited for all the emails and SKype call.  I miss you all and love all of you!   

It was a great week in bucharest.  We areworking with a TON of people it is awesome!  I hope some of them pull through.  One of our investigators who was a church walk in has a baptismal date set for the middle of next month. But this dude hasnt come to church for the last 2 weeks!  We needa get him coming so the ramura can love him!   He is a pretty chill dude. i dont usually hear like anything he says in lessons.  Thhen we were chalking at Herestrau Parc and we asked people how happy they  were and this one dude who is like 16 years old was saying "why are you doing this? Lets just talk about religion!"  And we were like..ok...and we invited him to church and he unfortunately didnt comebut we will seeabout next week!  And then we are teaching one of our friends Cristi.  He is pretty funny and calls us all the time X)  So he seems decently interested but he is so young that he may have problems connecting into the ramura.  Oh well i will pray for him.  

Then i had an awesome experience this week.  So in our english classes this lady Cloidia and her son, Cosmin, came up to my comp and asked if he could teach Cosmin piano.  And so we said ya!  We can do 30 minutes of piano for free but we need to do 30 minutes about the gospel too.  And she totally agrred and it was awesome!  
So during the lesson i sat next to my comp and felt prompted to go sit next to the mother.  And i felt a little awkward so i sat in front of herand felt prompted a gain to pull out my  Book of Mormon.  And as soon as i did, she asked me what that was! And i talked with her about it and about religion and then when i ran out of things to say i asked her for somne help with words in romanian X)  She is dope!  And she is really open to the gospel so we are hoping she will decide on baptism.  Exciting!!  

Sunday i decided i wanted to love the members of our ramura more.  So i decided i might as well start with their names.  So i tried to get as many peoples names as i could and talk a little with them.  They are so awesome! And this helped make church so much more exciting for me.    I love Panduri branch!  I hope to love them even more and to work with them and hsow themhow the Lord can bless their lives.

This week i am going to focus on being SUPER obediant.  I know that this will help me spiritually and temporally!  I know that God helps His children because He loves them so much!!! And he will help all those who come unto Him.   I love the Lord and this opportunity he gave me!
Varstnicul Casio Nango
The chapel of Panduri
Language study at a book store
Put a tarp over a building=frumos

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