Monday, June 20, 2016

Bine Ati Venit: MTC

Greetings friends!!! Oh my 'Lanta, this MTC thing is awesome! I am learning so much it is crazy.  I thought that I was in the wrong class on the first day because they only spoke ROMANIAN! What?! It was crazy hard. My teachers mostly speak romanaian and it is way cool.  I think I am learning more than all of you in high school language X) The food is...awesome but fattening. I have gained 3 pounds since i  got here and will probably intenisfy my workout or not eat as much... #vanity #insecure My companian (my elder missionary buddy-dude-thing) is awesome! He is way taller than me and is very quiet.  He is from Utah and is funny when he does open his mouth.  I am a District Leader (leader o my language group)  which doesnt mean too much in the MTC cuz someone else willbe assigned in 3 weeks.  And my com is my "senior companian".  I take charge in discussions and lessons usually cuz he is so quiet but he is very smart and just need to be more confident about his knowledge.

But anyways, we started teaching an investigator (someone interested in the church) on the third day.  Sounds ok right?  NOOO! It was in Romanian only.  So hard! but so awesome.They have teachers role play as investigators but it is so intensely real.  Our first lesson was about God and how he loves him (our investigators name is George).  It went ok and we made a 2nd appointment.  I was able to understand some of what he was saying (thanks to the gift of tongues yo!!).  The second lesson was ok..We tried to show him through teh Book of Mormon that God shows his love but he didnt understand.  The 3rd lesson BOMBED.  My comp and I couldnt understand anything.  We just sat there awkwardly and didnt do anything.  I was so sad and angry afterwards because I LOVE GEORGE! I want himnm to be closer to God and feel like I did but that LANGUAGE BARRIER!  So my teacher ltalked to the class about listening to the spirit and really focusing on what he was saying.  He showed us a scripturee in D&C 68 an it made like everyone cry! I was baling like a baby.  The scripture reminded us that we are here and missionary work is HARD WORK.  Not everyone will love us but we still need to love them.  That night my comp and i prayed so much and studied so hard the next day.  We decided we would focus on prayer.  He has to pray to know who god is.  o we wrote out the steps in Romanian so he wouldnt have an excuse to not say the prayer this time.  An due on our 4th lesson, the SPIRIT was so strong! We taught him and he loved it! It was a miracle from heaven! He prayed, and felt something.  So today is our last lesson wit him and i hoep it goes well.

So remember, when times are tough, don't get down on yourself, let the Lord pick you up and make your weak things become strong!  I love the Lord and that has intensified since i got here. I know he lives and loves us all!  

The District
For any future missionaries, DO WORK! It is so awesome to be a representative of our savior JESUS CHRIST.  It is awesome to wear his name over my heart everyday! I am grateful for this opportubnity and hope that any of you who want to serve will serve HIM!

I LOve you ALL!

-- LOVE,
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Me and my boy Elder Jardine
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