Saturday, June 25, 2016

Biserica lui Isus Hristos

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Well well well, Another week in the land of the free home of the romani!  Had my first interview with the mission prez.  Good experience and i asked him how to help my language and so he decided to up the number of POP's i do a day (Pop's are these lanbguage practices on gospel principles we practice teaching at least 3 times.)  So he bumped it up to 6....See how that goes X)  
HAd awesome week for Claudia and Cosmin.  We taught them from the childrens BoM cuz our last lesson was kinda intense.  So we toned it down and she basically came out and said, ï know the bom is true and i think it is cool"...STUD!!!  We askeed her to be baptized again but she said ï dont understand the importance and others have never heard the gospel before".  So we told her that we could answer those questions!!  And our next lesson was about the Spirit World.  And OUr next lesson is on TEMPLES!!  My comp is excited cuz he has never taught a lesson on temples before.  So it will be cool.  
We are teaching these people named Razvon and Andrea.  They run New Skin in romania (a big utah company) and they are so into the gospel.  It will be cool!!  And they basically gave us like 12 referalls...So dope!  There are miricales happening here!
My comp, Elder Brundage, leaves soon and his bro just got his mission call to Spokane washington MArshalese speaking!!! Dope!  (Maybe laurann will go there!) X)
I ordered pizza and directed a cab for the first time this week...So stressfull. I also tried talkjing with a romanian on the phone...even more stressful.
Sunday my comp got sick and we stayed home all day :(  I slept till like 2 though...Everyone was like öf course you slept till 2!  Brundage works you so hard!" (Which is true, but i love it!)  
Today was pday and we go to do some dope improv games that my comp taught everyone.  SO fuin!  Reminded me of drama back at HA.
My comp wants me to train in my 3rd transfer......I was very unconfidant in myself.  But I prayed about it and came to realize that if The Lord calls me, then i shall answer the call and magnify it.  I didnt come to a mission to have an easy experience.  (plus if i train it guarentees that i stay in Bucharest for another 3 months )  That would make me happy :)  But my comp is trying to help me learn how to train by: leading lessons, knowing how to get around buch, knowing how to lead in gerneral.  So i have been leading (trying to atleast) lessons and missionary work, and trying to better memorize bus and metro routes.  I have been trying to work on my language aswell cuz thats my biggest weakness in terms of confidance.  

But i will go and do that which the Lord hath Commanded :) cuz i know he has provided a way for me to be abloe to do so :) 1 nephi 3:6

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