Monday, June 27, 2016

Че Фачецъ

Greetings from Arad
Hey guys!  It was an awesome week.  We got to go to a mission conference in Bucharest and see Elder M. Russel Ballard!!!  He shook our hands and spoke to us about our mission.  It was amazing.  SOme things that i would like to share:
he blessed us as Romania/moldova missionaries to be able to become the best teachers in the history of the church.  This is amazing!  The missionaries here will have the blessing of an Apostle to do something amazing!  This has made us all excited.
Secondly, he blessed us that after all our hard work, and we see the Saviour after this life, he will say: "Thank you Nicasio,  you worked hard, you helped bring people unto me.  Ghetsamani was worth it.  Thank you."  
To me this is the greatest blessing i have ever heard.  It will single handly make a mission worth it in any regard.  To be able to stand before the Saviour of the world and have Him thank us personally is a great blessing and promise that i cant even imagine.

Something that the mission presidents wife said during conference:
"YOu know i loved Napoleon Dynamite because he embrqaced his freakish nature"  And i am going to use this as my motivation to talk to people and be a better missionary.  Cuz when it all boils down, missionary work is crazy.  But it is worth it.  So in an effort to be more crazy, i am going to try  to go ham on talking to people and having meaningful conversations.

I love this blessing the Lord has given to our mission.  I love you all and i hope you have a good week!
Привеште черул...

Heartz-ку драг ,
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Вырстникул Никасио Нейнгэу
MTC group reunited
Elder Ballard!
on the way back we detoured to a creek
thrift shopping with Elder Soelberg


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