Monday, June 27, 2016

Buna Ziua Dragii Mei

Hello my friends and family!  It has been a good week in Arad.  Christmas in nigh and the spirit of Christmas i definitely here in Arad!  Europe goes crazy for that dank St Nick. ;)

NOthing too new to say to yall but i will tell you about a col experience with my comp.  So we were on a tramvai and we hav been trying ot embrace the awkward nature of missionary work and jusat talking to people about everything.  So we get on a tramvai and sit next to this grumpy old man and my comp asks him if he thinks it will snow and the man just lit up automatically.  He spoke to us and we had a great convo and he spat out some poems that he made haha.  #dank

Then we visited a less active member in our branch.  She hasnt been to church for a long time and has been dealing with depression and such.  So we went and shared the churches christmas video and asked her to come to our christmas program.  She really liked the video and sasid she would come to church for sure.  Then we told her the date of the program and it happens to be on her year mark for baptism :D  She was so so happy.  #Doublewhammy

Christmas is such a great time of year!  Im sad that i cant be with my family this year.  Thanksgiving and christmas will be much different in Romania than in America.  But nevertheless, i am enjoying being here and finding cool people and just chilling in a foreign country talkin with peeps about the good word sa zic :)

Jesus Christ has influenced my life so much, i hope yall take the opportunity to let him change your hearts this Christmas season and spread the good word and joy this year :)  Im always looking for better ways to improve myself and Christmas
is a great time for self reflection :)

Id like to share something my Papa wrote me this week:
"be careful of the thoughts and feelings you revisit, the things you repeatedly think about, the actions you repetitiously do again and again, day after day. This all accumulates to form the character you possess forward in your life. You can change something if you really need to, and you should reinforce the positive behaviors which help to represent who you really are. This is a special and important practice of life."

I really like this cuz missionary work is really repetitive sometimes and i think that God gave me a good gift of spontaneous ness and i have the opportunity to be a romania moldova missionary which means i will develop "creative courage".  As a missionary, we have to lok for new ways to invite, new ways to speak to people, we have to evolve.
Also in accord with my fathers words, i have learned alot about myself on my mission and really am beginning to catch a glimpse of my future and potential.  So as a result, i need to try to keep developing the character i want to b the rest oif my life. Thanks Pops!

I hope you all have a Craciun Fericit!!!! <3
Привеште черул...

Heartz-ку драг ,
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Вырстникул Никасио Нейнгэу

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