Friday, June 24, 2016

Ce tu stii despre Dumnezeu?: MTC

Well well well...Look who it is.  All the people I miss so much!!! my keybard is a little funky this morning so if things are spelled wrong, i am sorry.  Overall it was a very normal week at the MTC..Fattening food, hard language, hard lessons in romanian..SO AWESOME!  We finished teaching George and he is actually our teacher now.. Fratele Vizante.  He is funny and he gives us a cool insight into Romania.  Our mission president emailed us and let us know we need to pack athletic clothes in our carry on because we will be literlly be hitting the ground running...I cant wait!  We started teaching Andre and tomorrow we teach anew investigator STella.  Andre doesnt know too much about God and has a rough lifre and stella orthodox.  Its gunna be stellar! I cant wait! 

I have been relying on the Spirit of The Lord like crazy Yo.  I need Him to help me!  And there has been some awesome blessing cuz of it. I am gifted to know what to say even if i dont know what they are saying and  i know that i can help my investigators with prayer.

Brother Don R Clarke of the Quorum of the Seventy came to give a devoional on Tuesday.  So FLIPPIN AWESOME! That guy is a stud!  He gave us a list of things we HAVE to remember as missionaries.  The brief synopsis is:
-follow up on commitments especially the Book of Mormon
-You have to KNOW the Joseph Smith story happened
-make a goal to be strictly obediant now rather than later ( we cant expect investigators to keep commityments if we cant get up at 6:30 every day)
-Have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
-dont arrive at the mission without obtaining a referall before you get off the train, bus or plane
-as missionaries we are blessed with the same Spirit that Moses had to split teh sea...So awesomne to think about.  We can have that power in our mission to teach and testify with unfathomable power! 
-Look for families who NEED this gospel and help them! Including your own.
-Believe that you are a missionary and remember your purpose to always invite others to come unto Christ
-THE IMPORTANCE OF SOULS IS GREAT! And every soul is great in the eyes of God. ( ilove this one because if it wasnt for missionary work, I wouldnt be here!)
-last but not least, ENJOY the Work! We decide if we are gunna be happy! People cant determine our happiness.

I know that all of you can find happiness in the smallest of things and I invite you all to look for the little things that God does for you and get on your knees and tell Him "thank you".  I have been doing this and it only continues my love for Isus Hristos.

My district is doing awesome and we are pushing eachother so much!  My comp is still kinda quiet mbut we are working on it.

Eu stiu can Isus Hristos este Salvator Nostru.  Eu stiu ca daca tu crezi satunci vei primi un raspuns daca te rogi.

La revedere!!
Varstnicul Casio Nango
Swaf-daddy si eu
District photos ftw

dirty dorms done dirt cheap

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