Monday, June 27, 2016

Challenging=Change #recommit #DO IT

Ciao Tututor!

I hope everyone is doing well!  My week was better! Lets go over a revamp of my week.  My week i guess starts on Wednesday since my Pday was tuesday last week, haha.  
Here We Go!

I began this week by prayerfully pondering our missions new focus on the "F"word #winkyface.  Not a four letter word but a word more common to the missionary vernacular.  Finding. Twas a good study.  After the study i talked witht he wonderful Sora Ivory (the mission presidents wife) and she helped motivate me to be the Finder i want to become.  This will hopefully be my biggest focus thenext year of my life.  To learn to find Friends, Happiness, Peace and Myself.

We continued the week with some English classes that went pretty well but it was a little more awkward this time but we still tried to be ourselves and stay positive.

We met with our Vietnamese investigator Du (nickname, pronounced Zoo)
or in Vietnamese, Nguyễn Phúc Lâm. And we set a Baptismal date for him!  April 7th 2016.  He is a really good guy and really funny.  We are trying to have him skype vietnamese missionaries so they can teach him and we can support the lessons since his english isnt 100% fluent..So we want him to understand everything he is doing and know for sure if this is what he wants.  He does love our church though and what we do.  It has been a really cool experience hearing from a non Christian talk about things from another point of view.  After he said a prayer, Elder Swafford asked him: How do you feel?  and he replied,  "I dont know, i hear a voice in the back of my head and he make sme feel good.  I feel safe."  And we were stunned to just know that the Holy Ghost was working so strongly with him.  Really cool experience!

Other than that we had Elder Swafford's Birthday and Du brought a cake to church and we Partayed . Tolik our other investigator got him a lanterna dn we tried to let it off on Sunday night..But it was sooo windy and it wouldnt stay in the air and it caught FIRE. #meh

Anywho.  Have a great week everyone!

Spiritual Thought

So i failed to mention much about zone conference last week..So..Here we go...Something i enjoyed form ZOne Conference was when Prez Ivory started the whole thing with a quote he saw at the gym the day of conference.  If it Wont Challenge You, It Wont Change You.
So i have tried to keep this in my mind to help look for challenges and to overcome them and to become a better person.  So i will continue to challenge myself and change myself and others through positiveness and steadfastness in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Старейшина Никасио Нанго
Thugs for life
Du has a Baptismal Date!
I know oyu can do it!
Bday Lanterns
it caught fire..
KFC with the Bros
Bday Boy

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