Friday, June 24, 2016

Dirty Dirty Crimes that are Perfectly Form-Fitted: MTC

I always told papa i was a thug #thuglife
Well howdy everyone!  Today wasnt too exciting apart from the fact that i leave for ROMANIA in 12 ays!!!!!!  Yet more spiritual experiences occured at the MTC and i can notice a change in myself so much already.  The Spirit is so close to you here that you feel like you are almost at the temple everyday.  Speaking of the temple. I finally saw the video with Tyler Maxson in the temple!! So awesome!   And i didnt know he acted with the guy who played Joseph Smith.  That is hecka sweet!

Well in terms of spiritual expereinces and what i have learned this week.  Well this week Brother John U Teh gave a devotional and his wife did as well.  His wife talked about how ieven if we feel overwhelmed, we can ask Christ for help to carry us.  And we also need to give credit to the Lord for our accom-plishments. Because without him we wouldnt be able to accomplish anything!  I am so grateful to the Lord and all that He doesa for me.  Especially at the MTC.

Our teacher chastised our class for having a lack of focus.  She told us that she neeeds to see a drastic attitude change in order to be ready for Romania.  And so i helped the class to improve their planning sessions and we discussed how we could push ourselves even more to help us become even better missionaries.

I cant wait for general conference! We are going to "invite" one of our investigators to it and see how that goes.  General confernce is gunna be awesome here at the MTC.

Well my testimony grows everyday and i hope all of you try to build your relationship with HIM and i know that if you earnestly seek him you will find HIM.

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