Saturday, June 25, 2016

Eye of the Tiger

Twas a great week people!  ME and my comp had a lot of weird things happen this week X)  We went hard on english contacting this week.  Let me list the weirdness:

-a man growled at my comp (probably cuz he was in the bike lane)
-a bread truck did a U-turn and spilled all his bread out of the truck...they picked it up and put it back in the truck.....
-we were playing guitar in parc and a homeless man tried giving us money..we said no and then he followed us to the metro and we took a selfie with him.
-we were called "pocaiti" like three times in one day..(hard word to explain)
-A dude told us we need to repent and not clone people and do experiments (in english he said this)..So i told him that jesus rocks and that he loves him soo much bro.
-random kid asked to play guitar and show us a song and he attracted a good crowd, so we gave out a lot of english cards
Selfies with homeless people..
-like 3 families approached us and they all seemed more interested in the gospel than the english classes #dooope
-Me and my comp messed with a control officer.  We spoke english and she doesnt know english at all.  We probably saved everyone on that tramvai from getting controlled.  UNfortunately a girl who the control officer pulled over to help her with english had to pay the fine :( But we saved everyone else X) (Me and sanchez made a plan though.  He will speak spanish and i will translate into english X) #nexttime
-random chick on a penny board said that we play guitar cutwely...dont know what that means..but i guess its the thought that counts
-i found out the church piano can play music by itself if you push buttons to the tune of the song...So for sacrament meeting i decided to be the pianist...The first song turned out great X)  Everyone was impressed cuz they thought i played really well.  Then the sacrament hymn came and...I played the wrong version of "of these emblems we partake" so...the beat matched but the singing apparently didnt and i didnt notice X)  So that was quite fun. #retired Then i was pretty happy because i pretended like i was translating the first talk and i was actually able to do it!  Then the second talk came and once she got into her story...I got so lost and it was useless.  SOOOO ROMANIAN!  Haha thankfully i wasnt actually translating X)
-my personal card stopped working...So I called the bank like 2 times and like i got some of the security questions wrong so they were sketched out...Then i got everything resolved OR SO I THOUGHT!  And i went to the bank and the card still didnt work, so i got really angry and yelled at the machine and the alarm went off...So...We casually walked away...And now i have been paranoid of cops..Even though we didnt do anything so its fine X)

other than that it was a normal week.  We had lots of fun this week and we were able to get a random street referal which was cool.  Hopefully we will teach him.  Spiritual thought for the week:

 21 Behold, say unto you thawhoso believeth in Christ,doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father inthe namof Christ it shall be grantehim; and thispromise is unto all, even unto the ends of thearth
mormon 9:21

So i found this scripture when we were studying for our investigator Cesar.  And i felt like it was a good scripture for him.  SO we decided to text him to read this scripture and a couple days l;ater he replies and says that the scripturte was very interesting!  So we were excited and we hope to meet with him this week.  I know that if he doesnt have doubts and he lets his faith overcome his doubts he will be greartly blessed :)  I cant wait to see how he progresses!

Love yall!
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