Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friend Please Remove your Hands form Over your Eyes

Bine ati venit!  Romania is a wonderland of awsome!  I misss yall but the Lord needs His missionaries here.  Our district is so awesome and we have been very busy in Bucharest.  I love the city life!   So this week we taught a dude from COnstanta and he is super prepared.  His mom is a member in constanta and he wants to know how he can feel God's love.  I am praying for hm so hard right now!  I want him to come to this gospel!  We also had some fun activities with members and nonmembers.  An RM from constanta (his name is Catalin: he is a boy) and he is awesome!  He is going to help us so much.  and i asked hmm to helpe me be a romanian.  I wanna be a romanian!!!  

I bore my testimony in church on sunday and all the members greeted me afterwards and were lke "wow you have a good accent and i have never seen a new missionary speak so well"  (i had to pray to HF so i wouldnt get so bigheaded..haha) x)  Andf we taught a lesson after church to a dude who walked in and said "i wanna be baptized"  So we tried teaching him the first lesson and he kept dodging our questions and telling us he wanted to start his own was we will seeif he progresses.  

In the park i met a man named Constantine (he doesnt fight evil demons though...) he was kinda...crazy but you know sometimes crazy people need the gospel too.. So i got his info and we will contact him if we arent busy i guess X)

We had zone conference which was awesome!  We talked about language and how to be less afraid and i am hoping i will change my outlook on the work cuz i have been a big baby when it comes to talking to people X)  So i hope i do better now.  We also talked about finding and i hope we do better with that cuz finding is hrd here.

i know that this gospel is true and i miss all of you! 

Varstnicul Casio Nango

Brundage=Hipster God
Most epic pic of Jesus Baptism ever


We went la tara (to the country side) for service
the infamous gypsy cart
la tara

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