Saturday, June 25, 2016

House of Gold

Dr Who travels to Romania via TMT (Time Machine Toilet)
OMG...Bucharest is the land of promise yo!  Me and my comp are having so much fun here.   We had a busy week.  We taught English classes...Our first one it was just Me, My comp, and a little girl and her mom....So awkward...
One of the members here (hes inactive though) is an awesome musician crazy dude.  Serban Nichifor, Super boss.  I think he is one of the top Cellists in Romania and he teaches at a university or something.  My comp and The Sister Training Leader are singing/playing the piano at the Israeli Embassy...He has connections yo!  And he invited My comp and the STL to play at some big music festival but my comp will be home by then.. But he might come back for it cuz that wouyld be sick!  
Serban gave me his album X)  It is pretty good.
I went on an exchange with ElderNewlun from Texas .  Super funny dude and it was the craziest exchange ever..We didnt have a phone for the first half of the exchange..And i got us lost..And we saw some dudes huffing poop....that was an experience.  We met an investigator who is getting baptized soon.  He is boss. 
Then the exchange ended and we did some chalking in the park for english classes.  Super fun and i met a couple cool peeps.  Then we had a random church walk in.  His name is George and he is really nice.  Our first lesson with him went kind of rough and he had a lot of doubts but we needed to be direct with him..And then we met up with him after work and talked a couple days later.  And then our second lesson went pretty well and we commited him to baptism in about a month or so.  He seems really prepared and i hope it goes through :)  He really wants a change in his life and a mormon wife.. haha.  I love this dude.  Then another investigator Alexandru is returning this week from COnstanta and hopefully we can commit him to baptism too.  He wants to know how to feel Gods love and is wanting to giive up smoking.  :) He is so prepared and i hope he doesnt fall through.  I love these guys!!

Spiritual Thought time!

I decided to read in the new testament and the Book of Mormon in my personal studies.  You know..random thought..(Spirit)..:)and when i did, i felt the spirit testify so strongly to me the truthfulness of the BoM and how it is another testament of Christ and the Word of God.  I hope that the People of Romania are willing to receive this!  

Trials:  I am having a hard time with my confidance.  I want to talk to people but i am such a big baby about it!  I need to trustr the Lord.  Something that really built my confidance (i have yet to act upon it more htough) is during this last sunday, i bore my testimony in church and the members and other missionaries were like, "what the crap! This boboc (new guy) speaks like a boss"  and many of the mmebers came up afterwards to tell me they like me and appreciate me.  I love Panduri Branch!!! (fun fact: Panduri like means forest soldier or something)  

Overall i am loving romania and my testimony grows stronger and brighter.  I need to build my confidence and find those who need this gospel.  I love this place and know the Lord called me here for a reason.  :)
Varstnicul Casio Nango
Exchange with Elder Newlun

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