Saturday, June 25, 2016

I wont Fall in Love with Falling

............................................OMG I AM IN ROMANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for everyone who didnt know, i was praying super hard for my first companian to be a native.  X) and guess what!!! He isnt..But i got the next best thing.  My comp's name is Elder Brundage from Chandler, AZ and this is his last transfer and everyone days he is the very best at the language in the mission..And he flippin is!  He is a boss!  So we speak a lot and i sit there alot and say "uuuuuh..what?"  So funny.  He is into hardcore music too X)  so reminds me of sysko and some other friends.  

I am assigned to labor in Panduri (Bucharest)!  And i know this is no coincidence since the contact that the taylors gave me is mostly likely to be found in Panduri :) I have a good feeling about this next 12 weeks.  It will be stellar.  The people talk really really fast in Buch and mumble...yay me.  But all the missionaries say that with my comp, my skills, and if i ttransfer out of buch after the first b12 weeks, i will do awesome everywhere else.

Romania is beautiful in its own way :) It kinda looks like any other city except it is similiar to if NY and mexico had a baby. (Elder Patterson quote)  So awesome.  I went la tara (to the countryside) for service the other day and it is way more sketch..But awesome.

This place is beautful and the people here are awesome.  You just have to get past their hard shell :)  So funny story.  1st day in the country we stay at a best western, and i am (being casio...) trying to share the gospel with our bellhop.  He keeps interupting me to use english X) and i tell him i am trying to practice my Romanian and he keeps saying, "no! english is more beautiful!" So funny X) We invited him to church and gave him a pamphlet X) He was nice.  

Funny contacting story.  We go to the park to try contacting for our english classes and i approach these two young women, and they basically let me say like 2 words and then say to go away X)  #rejected  i learned to listen to the spirit instead of perfume....#itsoktolaugh  

The members are cool, i wish i could be more bro with them though X)  Its hard when you can barely understand them.  

During one of the days i walked up to someone and in the middle of the conversation i said "imi place cravata dumnezeu" instead of "imi place cravata dumnevoastra"....So i said "i like your god tie"...Haha funny mistakes are funny.  

It is weird to onl;y be around 1 person all the time now X) and the days go by fast yet slow.  Compared to the MTC where it was fast fast Fast X)

I hope to learn a lot.  We havnt had too many lessons.  We taught 3 lessons.  The first guy is an awesome musician but doesnt go to church cuz he takes care of his mama.  We didnt get to the lesson cuz he LOVES to talk.  Our 2nd lesson, we taught a guy at church and he seemed kinda ...wird..and i started the nlesson and could barely get any words out cuz he was talking over me..and he didnt seem to interested..he just kept saying he wanted to be baptized X)  But we will see how that goes.  Our 3rd lesson was at the senior couples house and we taught a members husband who isnt a member.  His name is Cesar and he is a boss.  This lesson was mostly english though and i tried a little romanian.  :)  #THELORDPREPARESPEOPLE

Overall Romania is the best mission on the planet :)  The mission prez is awesome and their family is super nice.

Driving is crazy here but i am kinda excited if i ever get to drive.  The people are HIPSTER YO!  I love it.  All the missionaries got swag (makes the mission prez angry though)  So i said i wouldnt go extreme in the Euro style.  But i am excited to get some swag here.  The kids even got swag X)  I love it.  Makes people approachable cuz i feel more comfortable with them X)  #hipsterlife Everyone.  and i mean everyone smokes here...I might get 2nd hand smoke cancer or something DX  We saw this 9 yr old cuss out this old lady cuz she gave his friend a cigarette (his friend was like 10)  and he said it in a joking way like "come on lady! He is a kid!"...Sad :(  But thats why we are here.  To help Romania and show them there potential.

MY favorite thing was meeting a member who we did service for.  She lives like 1.5 hrs away from churhc (she lives in the country side) and she doesnt make a lot of money.  She goes to church every sunday and she ha=s an awesome testimonmy.  She apparently tells funny stories but i dont understand know..romanian. 

Oh and i forgot my camera at the mission prez's pics this week..But really, there isnt too much that will "wow" you.  X) It looks like a city.  My apartment is kinda ghetto though X)  And my scriptures i think they are lost or Elder cochran took them to Moldova...  We will see though.  I might need to acquire new ones...

I love and miss all of you!  You are awesome.  I know this gospel is true and i will try my best to have courage and share it everywhere in Romania!
Varstnicul Casio Nango
Me and Elder Brundage

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