Saturday, June 25, 2016

Im a Kitchen Sink

YOOO.  Wuzzup ppl!
So another great week.  So this week was siiick!  Our investigator claudia and cosmin have accepted a baptismal date on the 28 of july!  And they are prepared!   Im stoked!!!  And Our new investigators razvon and andrea who work with New Skin have accepted a baptismal invitation!  So we are stoked.  These people are awesome aND I love the people in romania!!!!  
We visited a member named George Dumitrescu on saturday and he gave me a hug :)  Made me happy.  And he became the 1 counsiler in the Panduri Branch :)  Super dope. 
Friday went to Caru cu Bere  a traditional  romanian cuisine restaurant.  Super Super DOPE!  YUMMY!

Today for Pday we went hiking in Sinaia!!!!!  Awesome hike and we got rained on but we didnt care XP  We took a train there and i took a lot of pics and shaved the sides of my head and got some nice pants for proselyting ;)

Super awesome week and i love the Lord!  The language is coming and i am excited to see what happens after this transfer.  Almost done!  And my comp is stresssing about school so we are trying to help himn before he goes home XP  He is super dope.

I love yall and miss you!  Stay strong!
Varstnicul Casio Nango 
Weekly Planning at Tucano Coffee Shop #chill
Paninis for days

Famous Peles castle

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