Monday, June 27, 2016

Its Just a storm you're Braving

Milk in a bag..only in Moldova..
The last week of the transfer everyone!  And it was great.  My comp elder Reed and i made a goal to have a really productive week and finish the transfer strong.  

Tues: Made acquaintance with a potential who has been sick for the last 4 weeks.  So we met up at the chruch and talked a little.  Then we went contacting and found some cool funny people.  Walked around the park and i froze..I treated myself to a nice warm Moldovan Big Mac.  Then we met up with Tolic our investigator.  We talked about the importance of scripture study and he was really receptive.  It toatlly isnt fair how prepared he is before baptism.  He is realy really prpared.  But his dad is a priest in the orthodox church and wont let him be baptized.  #notfair... I will continue to pray for counsel on that.
Wed:Only cool thing that happened was that we went bloc knocking.  We started in one bloc that was really dark and sketchy and then the few people who answered their doors only spoke russian... and then we decided to switch blocs and went to another complex and as soon as we walked to a door to get inside a bloc, a lady walked out as soon as we were on the foot of the door. #miricles We went up the eleveator and started knocking.  We didnt get too many conversations but we did get to talk to a really happy lady for a while.  I think she was the ONE that day.
Thurs: I wrote a poem for personal study (posting soon).  in the morning we went contacting in the mall and as a matter of fact we ended up talking to a security guard who asked us who we were and we got his sons info to set up english lessons. #miricle Then We met up with another potential Iora.  He is really cool.  He is a little difficult to get a gospel convo out of though.  But on the way home, my comp sees a dude with a North Face jacket on and asks him where he got it.  Turns out he is from israel and is here as a med student.  He is cool, we talked for a while and set up to met him in the weekend. #potntialadded  We tried going to a members house today asweell but she didnt get home in time and we stood there alittle and left some treats for her kid on the doorstep.  A little disappointed, we got on the bus.  Then we meet a guy that Elder Reed use to talk to and we talked with him to set up for some english lessons. #miricles
Fri: Got lunch with an investigator of the Zone Leaders, Mihai.  He is really cool and as of sunday he has a baptismal date!  So awesome.  He has a eastern american accent.  #veryjewish Super cool.    Then we met up with that member family that we didnt see the other day.  She is really coola ndi told her about my experience being a convert as well.  That was a hard story to explain in romanian. haha
The District
Sat: Transfer boards came out and im staying in chisinau and i get another guy from my group. Elder Swafford.  Its gunna be a fun transfer!  On a mistake on my part, i set up a lot of things today to finsih the week really strong.  The problem was i scheduled them all an hour apart, whih normally wouldnt be bad, but heres the rundown.  I got a call from this lady in the morning who wanted to see how we do english and the building and stuff. So i said we could meet her at the church and tour her around.  They show up and she brought a friend and they are super funny old ladies that want t mother me and my comp sooo bad. haha.  So we showed them the chapel and sat in there to explain the classes.  They then began talking about themselves and then us and then the church and a bunch of random stuff.  We invited them to church. Then our investigator Artie shows up for his lesson..He ends up joining our convo with the two old ladies.  Then it was starting to run into the next investigators time so i called Tolic and asked him to come 30 minutes later.  Then the old ladies finally left and we set up an enlgish lesson with them ion Sunday.  And we talked with artie about how he can know to get baptized.  Then tolic showed up in the middle of the lesson but we continued with both of them there which i think was good because Tolic was pretty much like having a member present lesson.  But Artie, is SUPER smart.  He really understands the gospel and wants to be baptized but wants to be sure.  He is afraid of hat his family will think and he doesnt want to feel pressured.  I bore testimony from my own experiences that he would find an answer and be unafraid to confornt his parents.  For the Lord provides commandments and a way to follow them :) #GOandDO It went really well
Sun: Tolic came to church and the old ladies didnt.  Artie came to sunday school and it was perfect for him.  It was almost perfectly tailored for him.  God works in wonderful ways my friends.  And Artie answered so many questions better than the members.  He needs to be baptized.  I hope i see that day come.  Then after church we met up with the old ladies to do a lesson. It went well.  It was a little weird and it has been a while since i have taught an english lesson 2 on 2.

Anywho..The week was FANTASTIC!  I know that Jesus Christ helps me in this work.  Even regardless of my infirmities i can progress andbecome better.  Even when i feel lonel and down, Christ helps me to find happiness here in Moldova.

P.S. imma miss Elder Reed my companion :( #shoutout
PPS D&C 31:1-6 is a really cool scripture. ;) helped me a little this week
Привеште черул...

Heartz-ку драг ,
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Вырстникул Никасио Нейнгэу
Poem: why not make one X) #soratorres
Remember 1
The cold air is caressing my face
a hushed hurling gust
as i glimpse into space.

Thinking of happy homes and dreary pasts
the good and the bad
a roaming recollection from the first to the last

I fail to find a slim sum of solace
 whilst in the icy haven
a warm gentle touch i dearly miss

My loyalty to Him I always renew
earnestly seeking His will
I will be constantly guided what to do

I am succesffully succored to as His Holy Word states
That gentle warmth is felt
As the sweet Spirit amply illuminates

My lingering thoughts disappear
I thank my Maker my God
I know He is truly near

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