Monday, June 27, 2016

Mihai Bravu Email 1st Ward

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Good Day Brothers and Sisters.  My name is Elder Nango and i will be conducting this email.  We are glad to welcome Elder who will be presiding during this email.  We will start this email off with an overview of the week and announcements. Directly after that, we will be pleased to have a spiritual thought.  We will then end this email with a closing hymn.  Thank you.

Twas a nice week.  We begin the story on Wednesday, with Mission Leadership Council. (MLC).  Im not technically a "leader" but we work in Bucharest and are expected to be the examples just as much as the Assistants.  It was really #stellar.  They talked about of alot of things i need to improve on.  #repentnowbuddy One thing that the assistants talked about was their desire to change the culture of the mission by getting POPs to be something "cool" to do or something fun.  So i recommitted myself onPOPs and made a cool little book to write them in.  For those of you who dont know, let me explain POPs.  POPs are a program we have in the mission to help us learn how to teach more effectively and to practice the Romanian language.  The goal is to teach a principle, ask an inspired question, testify and promise blessings and commit them to act, all within 2 minutes (the time limit doesnt matter as much but is a good guide).  So what i did was I re-created myPOP journal and have changed the aspect of how i am going about to write and study them.  So this journal will also double as my study journal and i think will be  a very meaningful "memento" from my mission because i will have my testimony of very basic principles written down as well as a way to always look at how to teach a principle.  Something i feel will be valuable for my whole life.
After MLC i drove the Chisinau missionaries to the airport in our new nice Hyundai's :0  #misto  We had to take 2 cars to get everyone, so after i dropped them off, i had to drive by myself.   That was weird but kinda nice.  #freedom
Thursday we had a mini sacrament meeting with a couple who have been members for about a year and were preparing to move to Canada for work.  It was a very #reverent experience.  The rest of the day was SUPER TARE MEGA OCUPATA..........#busy...We just were running everywhere trying to get all our business done..We had to drop off the cars to get tires changed too.  So i decided to finally take this opportunity to go contacting and the first dude i tried talking to was from Bulgaria. I tried showing him the new Easter Video but he had to go :(  #nosalvation for you kiddo....  Then i tried talking to his friend and he ran pretty quick 😲 We also came to know that one of the main office couples is leaving to Cluj-Napoca, Romania for a special assignment...So everyone in the office now is taking on some extra responsibilities....great...
Friday we went to go eat out with a senior couple who is leaving and while walking to the restaurant i decided to get some more contacting in.  I saw a black man (so of course i HAVE to contact him) and i approached him in english.  Turns out he knew Romanian better than english haha.  So we chatted in Romanian and i invited him to church and i got his number #gettindigits #playa #nohomo.  On the way back from the restaurant we saw a former investigator of the sisters in Italy.  I tried to get her number but she didnt know hers cuz she shares it with her son while living in Romania.  So i gave mine to her and invited her to church.  She was super nice
On Saturday, we had some more office work to do.  I tried to get ahead and finish some stuff we will need to do at the end of the transfer that will make us super stressed.  #diligence  The Romania/Chisinau YSA also had a Mini MTC event and Elder Christensen and I helped with the contacting portion for a little bit.  It was pretty fun.  I got a couple numbers and made some good friends.  I have learned that in as much as i put myslef out there and be myself, i have a good amount of fun and success.  You just gotta rely on the Lord to guide you and trust that He is beside you every step of the way.  I also started making an Area book for the office so we can  know who we are teaching over Skype and keep better more concise records.  You know, gotta keep those "Elder Miner Organizational Habits" that he tried to teach me. #thanksson

So i dont know if any of you have seen this video but it is amazingly inspirational.  Watching this video reminds me of the joy i had reading the Book of Mormon for the first time.  It is a simple and short run through that explains all the necessary characteristics of the Book of Mormon.  Fantastic! Short simple and to the point. It gave us all inspiration to look for more ways to share the Book of Mormon with our friends and strangers.  Hopefully it is as cool to all of you as it is to me.

Spiritual Thought:
So in the time of Christmas, we had Elder Ballard, an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, come and speak to our mission.  Many great things were said and much revelation was given to the missionaries in these lands.  During our MLC we had the Assistants speak about becoming a Ballard-ite.  Elder Ballard told us, through our diligent and hardworking efforts that the missionaries from the Romania/Moldova Mission, would become the greatest Teachers in the church and that through our efforts we would stand before God one day and He will tell us,  "Thank you Nicasio,  you worked hard, you helped bring people unto me. Ghetsamani was worth it.  Thank you."  

As we work diligently, we will become who God has destined us to become.  Whether that be a teacher, an engineer,  a missionary, or a manual laborer. In the end we are all Children of a Loving Heavenly Father and that is our destiny to realize.  So i am putting forth an effort to become a Ballardite and become that great teacher, that humble servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Then at that great and wonderful day, the Lord will say "Thank you".

Closing Hymn:
How Firm a Foundation 85

Thank you Brothers and Sisters for coming out today.  I hope you have a great week and a fantastic day! Sorry for the drastic length of this email... 

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