Saturday, June 25, 2016

Missing Twenty One Pilots..

What a busy week!  And they get busier and busier.  I love it!!!!  My first transfer is almost over i cant believe it.  I only get 7 more weeks to be trained and then i am let free !  It will be a sad day to see my comp leave.  He is a stud!  

Well the harder you work, the more fun you have and i know that to be true.  This week we started working on our Meet the Mormons campaign.  A cast of Romanians dubbed the Meet The MOrmons movie into romanian!  And that is cool because there is only a handful of languages that it is made in and Romanian is one of them.  Super awesome! I hope i can eventually get a copy to take home.  And the movie is playing for free at a big mall here.  Super awesome!  It will be a great missionary activity.  We are trying a strategy from some dudes book "the Tipping Point".  We are focusing on "mayvens" or people who know a lot of other people and they can spread the word of the movie.  SO far this strategy is working awesomely and my comp and I have supected about 10 people to come just from inviting 2 people.  We are trying to fill the 400 seat theatre and i know that it is completely possible here.  I am excited for this upcoming week because it will be our main focus.

And our sympatizant, George, needs to push his baptismal date back..He isnt coming to church and he isnt progressing as  fast as he wanted to.  So we keep praying for him and hoping he will pull through.  I can imagine him being baptised and i want himn to enter those waters!  

My comp is now teaching 3 piano students!!!  And ok here we story time!!!  One of them Cloidia and her son Cosmin are super studs!  Cosmin is this cute little boy who is pretty awesome at piano for a beginner.  And Cloidia is sooo nice and open to the gospel.  (side note: we teach 30 min piano lessons for free in exchange for a 30 min gospel lesson) And our last lesson with her went so well.  We taught the restoration and followed up by asking her how her Book of Mormon reading was going.  She said "oh i only read a tiny bit this week..sorry"  And we were like oh..Its ok, we will assign you some more!  And we were gunna assign somewhere in the middle of the BoM but she said oh i thought i would just start from the beginning and we said sure why not.  And we were asking her where she left off and she was flipping throught the Bom and said "oh...about here."  and she pointed to the 6th chapter of  1st Nephi!!  She read the intro, the 4 testimony pages and the first 6 chaopters in like 6 days..She is awesome!!!  I hope they get baptized so bad!

We had an awesome grill activity on saturday.  And it was huge! Many members, less actives and sympatizants were there!  All mingling!!  Including Cloidia and Cosmin.  OMG i cant wait to see what happens.  There are great things happening here in Romania!  Pray for the people here!  They are awesome!

My "mission mom" goes home after this week :/ it will be a sad goodbye.  SHe is so nice :) And an awesome missionary.  She will be missed by many people and missionaries :)

I understood much of the content in the lessons this week and church was awesome for the same reason :) The language is coming slowly but surely!  Yay!

HAve a great week!  

Varstnicul Casio Nango
Ghetto bloc is ghetto

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