Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Brain Turns on and my Eyes will Open

Hey everyone!  Yet another week in Romania!  My comp leaves in like 2 weeks and i am sooo sad!  He will be dope though X0 I cant wait to see what happens next transfer.  Much of my huge district will either leave or switch to somewhere else so it will be a change.  This week was dope!
We explained repentance to our investigator Claudia and COsmin.  They were super into it and they are still sticking with their baptismal date for next month!  Super awesome.  But they are going out of town for a week and we dont get to teach thim this week :(  So sad!  But they are cool :)  For weekly planning we went to this coffe shop called Gloria Jeans coffee.  SUper good (smoothies and hot choco) ;)  And we met with our friend Daisy and helped her with her application to school in the Netherlands!  She is Dope!  I will miss her when she leaves.  She helps me a lot with my Romanian.  Then on wednesday i did an exchange with Elder Busche from the other branch in Bucharest.  He has been out for about a year.  We visited a member in Mihai Bravu Branch and she sung hymns with her.  SHe is really nice.  Then we went contacting in old Buch (tourist town) and something awkward happned....We were walking and this LAy approaches us and tries to convince us to go inside this restaurant.  ANd we are declingin her offer cuz we just ate X)  And then she asks us t o take a seat and drink and we tell her we dont drink and then she says we could have alemonade and she takes my BoM and says i can have it back if we go and order something...Then we say to keep the book and we start walking away and she says we can have our book back.  We look up at the sign and it is like a strip bar with rave music on the inside...Dodged a bullet there...

Thursday i go sick....not fun..i hated being inside and we left later that evening so i would die from being isnide..  Friday i picked up my visa and saw a baptism in our branch!  Super cool.

Saturday we did another exchange.  It was with Elder Patterson.  He is from my group so he knows the language about as well as i do.  So it was a fun day of contacting.  First we went to another baptism in our branch.  Then we went to Cismigiu park and there was a festival going on.  I got a cool orthodox bracelet and keychain.  Then we met some interesting people.  One lady told us God is a man and a woman and a child an she wanted to speak with our prophet to complain..#awkward  Then Elder P got a flte from the festival and we found a man who was rockin out on the flute.  Eldser P asked to play woith him and he was super nice and it was really funny.  We pretty much walked all over buch... We contacted for like 6 hours...SUper weird.  My legs hurt afterwards.

Yet another good week.  I love being here!  The romanians need this gospel and i see this  gospel help so manny of them.  I hope to continue to hlp them more and more evry week.  I love you all!
Varstnicul Casio Nango
Patty J asked this dude to teach him to play the flute X)
Ghetto Metro

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