Friday, June 24, 2016

My Lungs will Fill and then Deflate


4 days !!!!!!!!!!!!  O my!

Greetings friends and family alike!  I am leaving in 4 days!! I cant wait!  My romanian is coming a long and  we made some good goals to try to push ourselves the last little week.  Guess what?  So since we usually have devotionals on Sunday nights, they decided to change it since we had conference ALL day.  BYU Vocal Point came!  They sung some awesome songs and iThey sound just as awesome as on their albums.  They did a christmas medley, and some hymns!  So Awesome!!!  

Conference was awesome!  It went by sooo much faster!  It is weird but so awesome. I dont get overcome by GCSS (General conference Sleeping Syndrome: usually from being overcome by the Spirit of God) X)  I loved so many of the talks!!  So much about families though...Not Helping! But it made me so excited to be a good husband and father.   I know that my mission will help with that.

I leave in 4 days and guess what...2 layovers!! One in New York and one in Netherlands!!!!  Cant wait! We leave SLC at 8:30 am apr 13,  go to NY kennedy and arrive at 2:55 PM.  We leave NY at 5:55pm and arrive to Netherlands at 7:25 am APR 14.  We then leave Amsterdam netherlands at 9:25 am and fly to...ROMANIA and arrive at 1:10 pm...Directly after, we change into exercise clothes 3 is the new tradition with this mission president...Excited to die!! #toofattorun

So our district and the other Romanian district made a challenge that on our plane trips and airport stops we will try to contact and talk to as many people as we can.  So we are gunna buy some Books of Mormon and pass along cards.  Hopefully some of the Dutch people can speak english or Romanian X)  But it is gunna be fun! Find some children of God!!

So on to the Spiritual stuff.. I lost my notebook so i am gunna have to go off of memory...Our investigators are progressing well!  I love them! I really like Prez Monson's talk about temples.  It makes me sad because i went to the temple so often before my mission and now we go once a week and today is my last day i will be in a temple most likely for like 23ish months :(  But it will be so awesome to be in Romania.  I had  weird thought in my head yesterday.  I only have like 600something more days to help God's Children D:  It seems like not enough time considering 6 weeks went by in like a heartbeat D:  But i will try my best to be an instrument in the Hands of God.  Something from our tuesday devo that i liked was that: The very name of Jesus Christ has power.  Because of our premortal existance with Jesus Christ,  that name still has some old, veiled, similar "ring" to it.  We dont know why but because of the Light of Christ which dwellith in all things and governs all things, we can have that remebrance partially sneek to us from the veil.  It is interesting cuz i rememebr before i joined the church, i was searching for religion around that same time.  I didnt know why but religion felt like the way to gain purpose.  I visited many christian churches, i dont know why. It just felt better.  But i experiemented with some Buddhist and other non christin religions but Christianity felt most correct.  Then the LDS church just had something more than all the others.  And i is my testimony that it was the light of Christ that was guiding my way.  The Spirit was working through that to guide me :)  And many other things were put into place that aided in finding the church truly [thank you Mr and Mrs Roland ;) ]
And through this Light of Christ we can find commonalities with all people.  Atheists, jews, muslims, other christians.  We can find common ground to build on.  I cant wait to help the children of God and help them with this gospel. 

(romanian time)

Știu că Isus este Hristosul.  El este Salvatorul Nostru.   Știu că Joseph Smith a fost un profet.  Joseph Smith a fost un instrument în mâinile lui Dumnezeu.  Cartea Lui Mormon este cuvântul Lui Dumnezeu.  Prin Dragostea lui Dumnezeu, putem găsi fericire în viața noastră.  Sunt recunoscător pentru această Evanghelie. Îl iubesc pe Tatăl Nostru Ceresc Iubitor și Isus Hristos.  Știu că Joseph Smith i-a văzut pe Isus și pe Tatăl Ceresc într-o dumbravă.  Această cunoastere va îi ajută pe oamenii în România.  Sper că Românii sunt pregătiti pentru această Evanghelie.

Domnul mi-a mântuit sufletul din iad.  Sunt îmbrațișat pentru veșnicie în brațele dragostei Lui.  Mi-e dor de voi dar stiu ca Domnul ma va ajuta!

Vă iubesc! 
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