Monday, June 27, 2016

My Peeps on the Otherside of the World

How yall been?  This was a good week.  I celebrated my Bday on last monday since my bday was destroyed by sickness.  That was loads of fun.  We had pizza and did a white elephant gift exchange.  I gave Sora MIts a crocodile patterned jacket (she is australian so its funny..)  And they gave me some girl Pjs and a baby hat and some bath soap..#dope  

Then over hte week we recieved a member referall.  He is weird...HIs name is Lucian and he really wants a young wife...We will see what the gospel can do for him..Hes kinda cool though.

Then me and Elder miner went to do some surveys and had some cool conversations.  Randomly during a conversation this drunk guy comes and talks to us...#awkward  Then he follows us and we ignore him...And when we get around a corner we run and he RUNS AFTER US!  So we start j walking and running for our lives...And he follows us for so long..We run to the senior couples apartment and tell them the crazy mishap of our day haha..Then they drive us to the church and we were safe for sure.  That was really weird.  

Birthday Kids
Then we had a dope exchange with the Assistant to the Presidents (AP's) .  I went with Elder Boydstun.  He is super cool and served in ARad for a long time.  SO he helped me get into some peoples house who i have been trying to forever.  Awesome!!  And we had a lot of fun walking all over Arad!
Then we had Zone conference.  We drove up witht he Senior couple and my stomach felt weird when we arrived.  Then it kept bothering me..Then when we broke for lunch i could barely choke down the soup..ANd then when we restarted the next section of conference, i missed most of it from going to the bathroom cuz i felt sick.  Then a sister in my district puked her guts out and i never threw up but i got  the chills and stomach pains again...SO i had the flu again randomly and the other sisters were sick too...So the Arad district checked out early, haha.  Then the senior couple got sick too...Sooo weird.  SO i chilled on sunday and the rest of saturday.  #lame  Hopefully this week wont have any sickness!

Nevertheless, the Lord is a man of miracles and has blessed us this week and will continue to bless us :)  I cant wait!!!

Have fun back in the USA!
Привеште черул...

Heartz-ку драг ,
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Вырстникул Никасио Нейнгэу
White Elephant Gift Exchange
I had to pump up a mattress by hand..
Elder Boydstun and I
The boy taking pics with pants in them X)

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