Monday, June 27, 2016

News for Yall

Well so this week was weird.  I didnt spend much time in Arad because i went to Cluj for a couple days for Zone Conference and that was awesome!  Cluj is sooo beautiful.  Then i went to Timisoara to drop off my companion yesterday.

Guess what everyone! Im becoming a DL trainer this transfer and im in Bucharest right now to find out who my trainee is.  YAY!  Should be fun!  Im excited.  I got to ride a plane to bucharest by myself X)  That was weird.  I got to be alone for 40 minutes aleast X)  So much traveling!!!  But i will get the new dude on Wednesday and we will ship back out to Arad!  Aw yeah !

Hope all is well back home!  I dont have time to send pics, so you will get a butt load next week!

I have also been learning how to read Cyrillic so thats dope!  Fun language study since romanian can be written in Cyrillic. 

Ла Реведере!
ку драг,
Vârstnicul Casio Nango
Вырстнкул Никасио Нейнгэу

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