Monday, June 27, 2016

Office Treaba

Well Nothing much to say for this week. 
We taught some cool Skype lessons. One dude named Petru who totally, upfront, randomly told us he would open up to us once he got to know us and that he didnt really trust us..Haha that made me laugh.  He trusted the England missionaries more. #UK X) 

Then we taught this really cool dude Leonard again.  We helped him understand why bad things happen in life and how we will still have trials but if we endure God will bless us. A principle i need to remember better. #wink

Skype lessons
Another lesson we taught over skype was in France.  The sisters there told us to teach this girl named Simona.  Well..Simona decided to sit in behind her papa and mama for the whole lesson and i didnt even realize until after the lesson that we were suppose to be teaching her..We ended up teaching the dad, Nicolae, the Plan of Salvation which proved to be a challenge because he is like every other pentecostal romanian who hears the Plan of Salvation...He agrees with everything and doesnt feel like he needs to change cuz he agrees 100% with everything haha.  That would sound like a blessing but it is quite a process of conversion, in fact.  Plus if i had known we were teaching him, we wouldve started with the Restoration instead and the base.  Oh well #astaiviata

We also met this dude named Gary who is from Dallas texas #shoutouttogramma and is starting a food truck thing haha.  Its gunna be dope.  So we helped him clean out the trailor.  He is a cool guy.
On Saturday we taught a awesome restoration lesson on skype.  Probably one of the best skype lessons and resto lessons i have ever taught.  :0  The spirit was there super strong and they were so open receptive and nice.  They understood the importance of baptism and want to be baptized if they know the church is Gods restored church on the earth.  I bore a pretty good testimony about the church along with my awesome comp.  #killin it

And on Saturday night we decided to speak only in romanian (as much as our schedules would allow atleast).  So that has been fun. 
Voiam sa scriu acest mesaj doar in romaneste, insa am decis ca n-ar fi potrivit....#pacat

Random Insight:
1) I figured out i am a slow typer...Atleast compared to Elder Sanchez ;)...And Elder Christensen.....#hatinglife
Spiritual Thought:
Something i am learning I need to work on is Diligence.  President Ivory wants me to be a great office elder as well as a great missionary.  So that means i got to WORK even harder and make sure i use my time effectively. Here's a good scripture for you future missionaries #laurann

 Behold, I say unto you that it is my will that you should go forth and not tarry, neither be idle but labor with your might  D&C 75:3

I have been feeling a little down recently but the Lord is helping me overcome my trials.  A very slow and daunting process it seems to me sometimes...But i will continue to endure.  And labor with my might.

Aceasta biserica este Biserica lui Isus Hristos.  Eu stiu faptul acesta cu o convingere foarte mare.  Isus mi-a dat putere sa fiu un misionar al Sau.  Stiind faptel acela, pot face orice care El mi-a poruncit mie.   

"Eu cunosc ceea ce Domnul mi-a poruncit mie şi mă mândresc pentru aceasta. Eu nu mă mândresc cu mine însumi, ci eu mă mândresc cu ceea ce Domnul mi-a poruncit mie; da, şi aceasta este slava mea, şi anume ca, eu să fiu poate, un instrument în mâinile lui Dumnezeu ca să aduc un suflet la pocăinţă; şi aceasta este bucuria mea.
   Şi iată, atunci când văd pe mulţi dintre fraţii mei că într-adevăr se pocăesc şi vin la Domnul, Dumnezeul lor, atunci sufletul meu se umple de bucurie; atunci îmi aduc aminte de ceea ce Domnul a făcut pentru mine, da, chiar că El mi-a auzit rugăciunea; da, atunci îmi aduc aminte de braţul Lui milostiv pe care l-a întins către mine" Alma 29:9-10
Va iubesc pe voi! O saptamana placuta! 

Vârstnicul Casio Nango
Teeth brushing selfies
im street legal now
the boys
Doing office work
Selfies in English class

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