Monday, June 27, 2016

Overcoming our Fears, Tongue, Doubts

Hello everyone! This week was pretty good!

So we started the week and felt kinda weird.  We were doing a lot of finding but we started losing energy haha. We dont know 100% why but we had a hard time building chef to talk to people..It was a struggle.  However, when we applied ourselves and tried to talk to people, we had a random miracle happen.  After a lot of conversations that didnt lead anywhere, this man talked to us and we told him about our survey and our purpose.  He was shirtless and had some cool tattoos. (i guess people with tats are starting to frolic to us now and be lucky, haha) We got his number and are hoping to meet up with him and his wife.  #stokage

Later in the week we had an exhnage with our Elders from Pitesti, Elders Purcell and Jardine.  I went with Elder Purcell.  I felt kinda bad because the exchange didnt go as planned...  #boo  We had a lesson with a less activ named Fratele Baluta.  Super cool but the whole time we sat there eating and watching his nurse massage him..SO it was kinda awk, haha..  Then at the end the sisters shared a spiritual thought.  I kinda gave up on asking him for referalls X) Then later that day, i talked up the survey to Elder Purcell.  I was super excited for him to experience it.  We went out at around 3 and tried going ham.  We set a goal originally ot talk to some young people.  We couldnt get any young people to stop...So we literally just started stopping everyone who walked by..But nevertheless the heat must have made people not want ot stop...So we spent like an hour of just walking all around the city X)  #wandering is my least favorite form of finding X)  #bleh It was whatevs though. We went to finish the exchange with him at a restaurant that was SPanish food.  The restaurant was super hot...Oh well..

Exchnag with Elder Jardine and Purcell
We then almost finish our week on Saturday with some activities.  We had some member lessons planned but they all bunged..So we went to make the best use of our time and hunt down this Less activenamed Octavian that we have been trying to set up with forever!  SO we decided to call him.  NO ANSWER.  Then we take the bus to his work.  He isnt there.  We then go to his house and So we call him again.  NO ANSWER.  We walk up to his door and knock.  NO ANSWER.  Then we knock on ALL of his neighbors doors.  NO ANSWER...Super sketchy..So we leave a note on his door..Never called us back.  Oh well..

We were a little saddened that it seemed like a wasted effort..So on our way home, we decided to perk ourselves up and try some street contacting with the survey.  After about 4 rejections, we decided to go to a bloc instead X) 
 We enter into a really nice looking bloc and feel like we have a good amount of promise in this one.  We go to the top floor, knock on the door and..No one answers but we hear someone talking X)  So we wait a little bit and she eventually opens the door.  She was this sweet older lady who wasnt too interested at first but she warmed up to us very easily.  Just another testimony to me that if Romanian sjust got to know us then they wouldnt dislike us so much X)  We didnt get ot share anything with her but maybe we will stop by with a gift or a quick hello some other day. #diligence
The rest of the time in this bloc, we keep getting rejected (but positively and humanely which was nice).  With the two exceptions of:
1) an older gentleman opens the door.  Has no shirt and big glasses.  We start to intorduce ourselves and he just waves his finger and slams the door.  We laughed that one off pretty easily X)
2) We knocked on a door, heard someone talk and start unlocking the door. All of a sudden, this person stops and locks it a little and looks through the peephole..And we wave and say hello.  They finish locking the door and walk away front door X)  we kinda just jokingly said "But we know you are there!" and we just laughed that one off too X)

English class
We were a little bummed again because we were almost done but had only done the survey once..Then at the very next door, an old man opens the door with only a tshirt on (literally...).  he apologizes and says he cant let us in and that he was sorry.  We told him it was no problem at all.  In fact all we wanted to do was talk to him. We shared the survey and he said sure.  We ask the first question which is "Do you think it is important to have families that are strong and close?"   And he pauses and stares at us and looks at the floor.  GAzing into the floor he begins to sob and say, "i dont have a family..My wife died."  And my heart was like literally broken at this point. I almost started sobbing but we told him we were sorry to hear that.  Being an awkward misionary and not knowing what to do, we just continue the survey..Everything starts to work out fine again.  He pulled himself together and we started having a lively discussioin with him.  Then we get to the second to last question which is "How to you deal with hard times in your life"  and again he started tearing up a little and siad "its hard".  Searching for something to say, all i could muster up was the next question which iknew wouldnt resutl well.  "Would you loike to be happier thatn you are currently? And what would make you happier?"  He sobbed a little and Elder Haws and I glance at one another and Stefanov (his name i forgot to mention earlier) says that he didnt know how to be happier but he doesnt really know if he does.  At this point, we shared with im that we can help him with our message and tried to play on his interest in the Book of Mormon instead of the plan of slavation questions.  He agreed and we got  his number.  I really hope that we can help him.  This gospel has brought me so much happiness and in the least i hope that we can be friends with him if not atleast share with him the knowledge that has brought us happiness.  I know God put him in our path for a reaso.  Now oi tis our job to fulfil that reason.

We finished the week off with the sister training leaders baptism.  Her name is Alexandra and she is 9.  She is super cute and it was a cute ceremony.  
Later that day, we met with an english 30/30 investigator named Razvan.  We taught him an intro lesson kinda and he agreed to listen to our message as well.  I think he has a lot of promise too!  Im super excited to continue teaching him.  A little miracle that day.

Spiritual Thought:
This week i learned a little lesson that i needed a reminder for.  So I really hate taking slack form people.  When i started being a missionary
i didnt always deal with it in the best way.  I did howver try to turn it into a more humorous rebuttl instea dof an aggressive.  For example if someone started  talking shizz about us and staring, i would go out of my way to walk towards them and start taling to them.  I have had soem good experiences doing that.  On the other hand, i have decided to be rude at times and not really project the message that i carry..#regret

Bday Party for Andrei Popa
This week, on my exchnage in fact, I was walked into the bloc entrance with Elder Purcell.  There was an older gentleman paying his bills ith the admisistartor.  Decding to be a nice neihbor, i said "Salut!" and the man started staring at me..And as i walked by, he tapped me on the shoulder and said "uh..who were you talking to?  DO i look like your friend?  Who are you "saluting", my grandchildren salut me! Who do you think you are?"  THis whole time, i have a million things and remarks going through my mind.  I think whther i should start lashing at him in english instead but i felt a prompting to just hold my tongue.  I held it and held it while he rattled off his dribble.  And at the end, i said, "im sorry, im an American, i hope you forgive me, please.  Have a good night." He scoffs and i just get into the elevator and spew my thoughts out while we ride the elevator.   "Well may you grow big grandpa!" and "Well maybe you should be able to tell im not ROmanian! Get some GLasses!" and yada yada yada, etc i was emptying my tank.. Still that wasnt the best thing to do but small steps...I then had the thought afterwards, what is the point of just mindlessly venting and its good that you held your tongue but a big indicator of your integrity is also how you hold yourself together when you arnt around people.  And i felt kinda bad for just dwelling so much on it and feeling bad.  I decided i need to improve in this area and im glad that i had had the experience.  
Ephesians 4:29 - Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

I love all of oyu and hope you have a good week!

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  1. I like this blogspot! That is such a challenge to not go off on rude people or to not vent and dwell on it afterwards. Even though rationally we can say it isn't worth the energy, it still feels good to vent even if it does no good and isn't going to change anything. And it is better than going off on the person, right? Lol

    Love you buddy!

  2. I like this blogspot! That is such a challenge to not go off on rude people or to not vent and dwell on it afterwards. Even though rationally we can say it isn't worth the energy, it still feels good to vent even if it does no good and isn't going to change anything. And it is better than going off on the person, right? Lol

    Love you buddy!