Monday, June 27, 2016

Paul Cardall

Talking with the credit card the rain..
So this week was good :)  I am loving Ard.  I hope i train here!  This week was just the usual only we got bunged alot by people to met up :/

But in the middle of the wek we had our BoM reading club and afterwards we had a special fireside over skype for members to watch.  It was with Paull Cardall who is a pianist.  It was pretty cool and he is a good pinist.  He has a heart condition nd was told he wouldnt live to be a gorwn man.  But i guess the Lord had another plan  for him cuz he is 40 years old now :)  Dope!

Also during the course of our week, we got a random call from n "unkown number"  and we couldnt calll him back.  He called us back like a day later and we set up to met even know it was kinda sketch....  Then we go to the Primaria and wait for him.  We wait 30 min and he doesnt come so we go eat at Mec (macdonalds)  and after we finish our meal and chat (me and my comp)  a random old guy walks in and starts staring at my nametag from across the room...So i make eye contact and say "Ciao! Ce faceti?" Then he takes that as an invitation and talks to us.  We sat to talk for like 40 minutes and he seemed pretty cool and knew lots of the misionaries who had served in the west.  HE touched my hair and said it was great!  That was the only weird thing.  Then we grab his number and he comes up in our phone as "Cretean NEVER ANSWER"  and we figure out it is this guy we are never suppose  to talk to..  He came all the way from Timisoara to Arad jsut to find us....really weird...So we call the last missionary afterwards who had met with this guy.  And it turns out he is like a pedo and loves the missionaries.......Really weird....So we wont be meeting with him.... X)

Then A random security officer in our bloc asked us to come and talk with him so we hopefully will be meeting this wek with him!  We have found many of the interested people in arad come to us :)  Really cool :)  

Our senior couple The Soelbergs are dope and soo funny.  They are really cool and i am glad to know them.

Also saw this drunk guy walking in the street like a zombie........Super creepy and he almost got hit by a car.....

Anywho........Mosiah 2:24 is really interesting an i will try to notice the immediate blessings in my life now. :)

Love yall have a great week!
Varstnicul Casio Nango
Arad Branch :)
Accidental Selfie..Just cuz..

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