Monday, June 27, 2016

Pick up the Pieces and build a LEGO House #memories

This week went by. #nuffsaid

Anywho, we had our little adventure to get my Moldovan Visa now.  That was a long process but i finally have it now.  Tuesday, we went to go get it at the imigration center.  The lady there had to take like 50+ photos cuz the thing just wouldnt take a straight photo...#helpme  I realized i forgot to bring my passport aswell...I thought i would receive the Hellfire of an angry business woman, but thankfully i was saved by the Grace of God and got out without a burn #lucky  My companion, Elder Swafford, also was interviewed for some random news station, haha.  It was #funny!  

We started our Cursuri Gratuite de Limba Engleza this week.  #challenge For those of you without Google Translate that means our Free English Classes.  They were #HUGE.
54 people our first class...So we pretty much just did whatever but it was probably the best english class i have ever taught.  Very organized and comprehensive.  Unfortunately its too big which makes it boring...And We had some old time english students tell us that...And thats not our fault because we either get quantity or quality to be able to find investigators...soo...theres no winning...We hope it dies down more than it has though..

The rest of the week was normal and our friends are doing well.  We had Zone Conference and that went well.  We are pushing to be really obediant and to find like we have never found before.  That will build our LEGO house to success and it wont fall! (mainly cuz i will just glue the legos together..) #evil #cunning  Hope all is well.  I hope yall get this email this week. #peaceout
Привеште черул...

Heartz-ку драг ,
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Вырстникул Никасио Нейнгэу
Pedo Bear Exists?
Swagford #peace
Uke for days

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