Monday, June 27, 2016

Praying for your Purpose

Arad life
Hello everyone!  Yesterday i had the opportunity to Skype and that was good.  It was good to see some of you and hear your voices.  :)

This week we actually wernt in the office too much but did alot of errands and we are probably gunna pay for it this week.  We will see i guess.  #astae  

We got some packages at the post office and saw a Canadian gentleman who really didnt want to pay tarif on his trumpet...Really annoying but he kept yelling at them until he got what he wanted..

Then the next day we switched cars with the AP's cuz they had to pick up an Area Authority (Elder Boom)  and their car was covered in mud.  They got stuck in mud a couple days before and it was caked on the inside and a little on the outside.  So, we took their car to get it cleaned ;)  #notabadboy  

Then so the main event of the week was as follows:
We get a call from this missionary in Portugal.  He wanted us to help their investigator renew his visa and etc and drive him around Bucharest cuz he was gunna go there from Portugal to renew residency and stuff.  So i tell him we cant give him rides and stuff (we are not a taxi company) and he is also an investigator not a member (wouldnt make too big of a difference regardless).  They were trying to convince us cuz he is poor but we said we would ask a member.  He ended up getting all the stuff done by himself but the missionaries needed to have a way to give him his plane tickets.  So we coordinated bus times and met him at the church for district conference and a member here gave him a ride form the train station.  We gave him the train tickets and i hope that this dude is actually interested in the gospel...He is a little sketch...And id be a little angry if the church in Portugal is just giving him money and stuff... Oh well.  He came to district conference but Elder Jensen and I had to leave a little early for Skype and so on.  So whatevs.  I think we will start teaching this dude over skype.  

Other than that, i love you guys!  Thanks for the prayers and the help you are sending. We need the Lord in this work!

Spiritual Thought:
So i have been thinking alot about some words President Ivory has been saying and this morning durin gmy studies i studied it even more.  Prayer. President Ivory is talking about how we cant be afraid to pray for baptisms.  We cant be afraid to be asked to be led to people who are ready and willing to receive the gospel.  I was reading in PMG today and this chapter on following the spirit was especially enlightening this time.  I highly recommend it :)  I focused my study on the area describing how to pray.  I really want to put these principles into action and pray more fervently and expressing more meaningful things.  I want it to be recognized as a conversation with a Father and a son.  Im gunna try my hardest to work on this and see where it leads me.

Sometimes i doubt the prayers that i offer especially when i ask to be lead to people and the only people i see in the day are the people i cant imagine being members or even being interested.  But today, i kinda had a weird thought.  Could i have imagined myself being baptised 4,5,6 years ago?  Nope...But look where i am now.  In a far away land telling people about how awesome Jesus is.  Ya, i have joined among the ranks of the crazies X)  So im hoping that that will stay in my mind when i look at someone and want to talk to them.

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