Monday, June 27, 2016


Well i hope no one is too confused by the title..I will explain i promise.
This week was really good.  We start our week off with a little exchange for a few hours.  My companion Office Elder Elder Jensen is teaching our Trajectory class (a class teaching one to increase their life trajectory) withAssistant to the President Elder Sanchez #completetitle #whitehandbook #exactobediance (#jokesfordays..).  So as a result, i went on a contacting session with Assistant to the President Elder Johnson.  It was quite fun.  We talked to some really cool people and him and we just let loose on some people about who we are and what we are doing in Romania. #direct We asked this one dude if he knew who Mormons are and he replied saying he knew everything about us because he was (past tense) baptist and they talked about us alot X)  He was super chill though.  He actually complimented us alot.  He said we were alot more normal and more relatable people than the Stateside missionaries/old people he met that were Mormon (no shots fired..sorry..not my words..).  I thought it was kinda funny.  We talked for a good while and tied to see if he would become interested and turn it around butnada. #espanol  Oh well.  If anything we left him with a good impression of who we are and everything.  #unseenblessings

We also had a couple Skype lessons that stuck out to me this week.  One of them was with our investigator Leonard who we havnt met with in forever.  He is still pretty well.  He has a strong desire to know if this is Gods true church.  We started off with teaching him where we came from before this life. We said that we lived with Heavenly Father and were taught His Gospel and so on and so forth.  Leonard then interrupts
 us and asks "How can you know this?  Is this just your hope or you actually know?" We then have the great opportunity to testify with all our souls and simply say "We know that we lived with Heavenly Father before this life" We had the opportunity to help him understand that if he is sincere he will also come to know that our message is true.  He then led into some other random subjects but stated that he really wants to know if this church is true.  So we set a soft baptismal commitment and asked him to pray about our message and to come to church.
Our other investigators Constantin and Ana Maria are also doing well. They had their baby a little bit ago and we taught them about the importance of coming to church.  It was a good lesson and he promised in 2 weeks after he gets some stuff figured out with a lawyer he will come to church.  We also are encouraging the missionaries there in Germany to maybe have a member give them a ride to church.  They also are very prepared and ready for baptism.  We just need them to get to church!
Finally, we reach the end of our week and we get the opportunity to teach an older lady named Zinaida Guzun.  She is from Moldova and is just a stereotypical, sweet, kind, old lady.  So cool!  She is a great example of everything to love in life.  So humble and sweet.  Her being from Moldova also made me miss Moldova a lot X)  That accent yo!  

Spiritual Thought:
After our lessons this week i had the opportunity to ponder about personal progression.  During our lesson with Leonard, i was able to explain that when i was baptized, i didnt know that much (i still dont know too much) but the things i do know, i know that i know them.  I explained that at the beginning you might not be able to say 100% that what the missionaries are saying is true but if you have the desire and the belief that it is true, then you will have a knowledge.  It was a cool experience to be able to look back on my own progression and see how far ive come from saying "this could be true-> I believe that this is true-> I know that this is true" This helped me to see Leonard as a Child of God and to see how he is in the same place i was.  Even on my mission my testimony is still growing and swaying and building up again but it is because of our desire, our passions and our faith that cause us to progress and find new meaning and hope in our lives.

Hope all of you have a great week!  Love yall!

Vârstnicul Casio Nango

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