Monday, June 27, 2016

Proven Wrong

Sooooooooo....A week of miracles it was! I had a good week and the transfer is almost over!  I hope I stay in Bucharest!   I love it here and the branch is awesome, the missionaries are awesome and the city life is the dope life!   But we will see.  

sarmale and mamaliga #romania
One of our investigators dropped their baptismal date :(  Very saddening...I was kinda depressed, but i still have hope in them :)  One of our other investigators was scared away almost by a member...That wasn't fun either...Then we met a dude who knew the bible really well and wanted pretty much to bible bash us,but he randomly felt prompted to walk into our church.  We met him at the hospital a couples days later and he wasnt very receptive and told us he probably felt prompted to go to our church because he needed to prove it wrong X)  Now your probably wonderting why this was a good week then...Well for the most part it wasnt, but I decided to try to be positive.  We fasted as a district on sunday and some awesome stuff happend as a result.  FOr district contacting, we had some good gospel converations with people and english finds thzt we hope will come to class :)  Then randomlya 15 year old son of a less active member tell us he wants to be baptized next week:0  So we are setting up to teach him and we might have a baptism n a week or two!!!  Wait..It gets better...Then a less active family who has been coming to church for the last 4 or 5 weeks, the son went to a Youth event in germany and now wants to serve a mission!!!!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!  Me and sanchez did a fun dance in an elevator and sung and were very happy.  OMG guys!  Miracles are happening in europe! And i am lucky enough to be a part of it.  

Only after a trial of our faith will Heavenly Father bless us with more than we had before.  You Can ALWAYS trust Jesus Christ!  ANd as a result, I am eternally grateful!

Cant wait to hear from some of ya next week, dont, worry, im only on the other sie of the planet im not actually dead ;)  

Varstnicul Casio Nango

District contacting

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some typical romanian appetizers
the district
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