Monday, June 27, 2016

so so so so so #StressedOut

Elder Jensen and I
Please...Take me back to...the good ol days.....#literally
Well i cant really go into huge detail because it could probably be written into a short thesis for a PhD program but the first two days of the transfer were probably the most stressful days of my life...

This week was transfer week and it was game day on tuesday.  My companion and I planned epicly to be efficient with our time.  Little did we know that our plans were going to be turned upside down....I spend pretty much the whole day running errands and fixing things whilst we are preparing for new missionaries to come into the country.What i will say is that i accidentally scheduled their medical appointments for wednesday instead of tuesday...This singular event destroyed every plan that was created..We now had to figure out how to get all these kids checked without an appointment time.  
So i spent tuesday running around in Bucharest with 3 of the new kids (this group of kids is super cool.  I really like them) and getting shizz done.  We get everything done but then have to go to a house (at midnight when we finished everything..) filled with departing missionaries....So i popped in my earplugs and slept for a good 3 hours and took them to the airport to say our adieus.  

We returned home, slept for another 2 hours and then the day continued with more errands and taking the kids to the medical appointments and also trying to coordinate times with trains and appointments and other people.  So messed up...

Other than those two days, everything was fine.  Worked at the office, taught some chill lessons, did some cool contacting.  #chill.  It was a good week overall and the whole craziness at the beginning of the week will lead to a good funny mission story to share X)

Spiritual Thought:
After all this stress and freaking out and moodiness i was able to stop and think for a moment about the whole situation.  Yes it was bad...really bad..Yes it was hard..Yes it was stressful..But, i asked God for help (alooooooot of it) and i was able to stay strong and push through and I felt comfort eventually and received a knowledge that i did all that i was able to in order make things run as smoothly as possible.  And considering the situation, i think we all did well (the office district).  So im grateful to Heavenly Father for giving us trials.  Even if i dont want to go through them and would rather just sit back and chill, God helps us after all we can do.  Missionarry work (more specifically office work)  can be stressful but for those of you who are planning on going on missions or currently serving, just remember, The Lord Will Guide You, He Will Help You and He Will Strengthen You because He loves you.

Vârstnicul Casio Nango
Rainy dayz
driving the new kids
When everyone hates taking out the get this
When the APs disrupt your planning..You have to take matters into your own hands
SHowing some greek chicks the easter video

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