Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sup my Peeps

Well hey.  Er-ee buh-ee dug-ee.  


Sup guys!  Was an awesome week!  ME and Sanchez were a little disappointed that not too many people came to english :(  But we will see how next week goes.  Regardless, english was fun and i liked it alot.  My card stopped working and i had to fix it in the middle of the week, so me and my comp lived off of 30 lei for the week combined...(like 5 bucks..)  Twas an adventure of budgeting magick!  We ate a lot of eggs and potatoes and noodles.  (only the good cheap stuff you know)  ;)
Wednesday we did an ënglish fats"and only spoke romanian.  That was interesting and pretty fun.  The Zone leaders pumped us up for zone conference.  Also cool.\  Sanchez's bday was on saturday so we did some stuff.  Taht was cool :)  Bdays are weird on the mish X)

I also gave a member my extra scripture case and he was soo happy X)  He is awesome!  I lover him

Side note: my spirit animal is a Sea Turtle. #spiritjourney

Zone confference was today and sooo awesome.  Randall L Ridd came! (former young mens prersident and now area 70)  He was awesome.  I shared a short summery of my conversion and he seemed to like it.  It was coool to be talking to a general authority of the Church :)  He brough tthe Spirit so easily.  I felt like i was hit with a wall when he greeted us :0  So awesome!  Zone conference helpd us to learn how to teach the Restoration even better.  It was a fun challenege and me and Elder Sanchez are excited to use some of the principles we learned today to teach the resto even better now!!  

I know that God lives and he has helped me so i know he can help you through prayer and scripture study!

LOVE and Hearts,
Vartsnicul Casio Nango 
ZLs came over and we had a meeting of enlightenment
Elder sanchez' Bday
I cant cook pasta...
Sooo much bread

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