Monday, June 27, 2016


Well this week was kinda normal.  We did get to talk to a lot of cool people and Sora Mits new companion came in.  Her name is Sora Torres and she is a convert too.  So we got 3 converts in our district.  Kinda cool to me!  

This upcoming week we get to hear an Apostle of the Lord in real life in Bucharest!!!  Im so excited for myself and the Members of Romania!  Its gunna be soo cool to hear Elder M Russel Ballard in person!  

We went to a family la tara and played with some animals.  That was fun.  We also started learning romanian xmas songs.  Im so down to play them in two years back home!  #getreadyAZ We also got permission to go to a womens basketball game with a member.  That was prettty cool.
Привеште черул...

Heartz-ку драг ,
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Вырстникул Никасио Нейнгэу
Me and Bae
Bball with Ioana

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