Monday, June 27, 2016


english contacting
Guys.....This week was SOOOO Good!  Literally the best week of the mish so far and it just keeps getting better and better.  

Last week I told you about this random dude Nabil and that stuff.  Well Me and my comp wanted to reset and look at ourselves as a companionship to try to be better and more obediant than ever.  So we focused on doing more things and we have been blessed this week as a result.   

The whole week we have been meeting with Nabil to prepare him for baptism.  He is kinda immature (but he is a 15 year slack i guess..)  He is progressing well and I am excited for his baptrism on Thursday!!  Language-wise i feel like i did pretty well this week as well.

Nabil came with us for District contacting and that was interesting.  We did a survey and got lots of good conversations.  And we "won" the contest of passing out the most pamphlets and books of mormon  and english cards and completing the most surveys!  #likeaboss

Then i called the Netherland missionaries because one of my best friends here, Daisy, is going to college there and i told them to make sure they follow up with her and befriend her. And daisy told me that she had another dream and thinks she will get baptized by next spring and she will go to church in the Netherlands and take the lessons officially. :0  #miracles I cant wait.  I will be sad that i wont be a part of that baptism but she is soooo prepared and has made leaps and bounds since when i met her and apparently since before i met her as well.  

the district
Then we had this random activity on Saturday for Home teaching and then this english student came late and didnt do english but stayed for the activity.  After the activity he wanted to know more so me and Elder Sanchez got to talk with him about some of his questions that he had researched before he met with us.  He IS INTERESTED.  I invited him to church on Sunday and i hoped that he would come.  Then on Sunday, we helped the youth with the worldwide INdexing event.  They seemed to kind of enjoy it and it brought back some fun memories of home,.  I felt the spirit of Elijah ppretty strong :)  Then afterwards the Young Mens president (Fratele Li)  (yes he is korean)  talked to us afterwards and we discussed about doing youth activities more because now with Nabil, Andre and Li's son, we could do missionary activities with them and help them become friedns and be prepared to serve missions.  This is a prime time for the YM and i am excited.  I really hope i stay in Bucharest so i can see these events unfold!  Anyways, he told us that we were the answer to his prayers and that us helping him teach would be helpful too because he speaks broken english and not any romanian.  
On sunday we had like 80 people come to church and a new american family is working with the embassy and they will be in our branch.  Nabil came and told me that i was his nerd...#awkward  He also stole the microphone from elder Sanchez and spoke into saying that "Elder Nango is a nerd"..pretty funny X)
Then right at the end, that one guy from english came and we talked for a while and we answered some more questions of his.  Afterwards we talked about prophets and stuff.  #cool  Then he offered to give us a ride (he is a taxi driver)  and he is SOOOO cool and chill.  He is also married and has a 3 yr old daughter.  He needs to be baptized!  I cant wait to see where he progresses.  (he played romanian rap in the was cool..wont lie..)

Then after church we set up with some of the young men to visit their houses to help with indexing and it will be awesome.  This week on thursday right before the baptism we are finishing indexing with the youth.  And on saturday Brother Li is having a swim party at his house.

SOOO Many miracles guys.  Good things are happeing here.  I am so excited!  In zone conference we talked about as missionaries we have the right to ask for miracles and regardless of being missionaries, miracles shouldnt be seen as super paranormal things.  They are able to happen becuase the heavens are open and God speaks to His children upon the earth.  I have a testimony of this and I know that my Redeemer lives.  I love Jesus Christ and the little and large things he does for me.  I hope you all look and ask for miracles in your lives and i promise you will find them!

Have a good week,
 Love and hearts,
Varstnicul Casio Nango

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