Monday, June 27, 2016

The Best Voice

Tolic is a boss
Our week was a little slower.  The cold goes u p and missionary work goes down D;
But we still did what we could.  This next week, Elder Reed and I are gunna strive to have a really good week to finish the transfer off strong :)  Its gunna be dope!

Tues: went to drop off a surprise gift/thank you note to Sora Gasnas who takes care of our bills.  She is really cool :)  She served a mission and is doing awesome things. I wish shed come to church more.
Wed: we had a WORLDWIDE MISSIONARY CONFERENCE (first time they have done it in over a decade) #luckyme.  That was awesome!!!  I really enjoyed the talk by Elder Neil L Anderson. He talked about how we should always have Jesus Christ on our lips and be ready to testify of Him.  And if we dont know what to say to people, to just testify of the Saviour and His gospel.  #prayeranswered.  I was so spiritually uplifted by this conference.  And it was cool that i felt really prepared after hearing the othermissionaries respond to questions and they had similar answers to what i would have said.  :)
Thurs: i had an exchange with the District LEader, Elder Kennedy.  He is super funny and cool.  I love that guy.  We contacted on a long street and talked about english.
Fri: Sora Torres (my mission daughter) put a prompt reminder in my planner to start up writing poetry again.  So i believe i will be taking that up again and see what i can pump out of my skull now after so many years of not doing it X)  We also had FHE and two of our investigators, Tolic and Artie came.  We talked about working hard and how responisibility ties into working hard.  It was cool.  Then we played a game with them and the YSA at the church.  It was fun :)
Sun: We went to the russian brnach because Tolic could only come to the 9 oclock church russian branch on sunday.  So we went and i couldnt understand anything haha.  Them dang russians.  So i sat and studied scriptures.  Then we went to the Romanian branch and then i was spiritually uplifted ;)  Tolic invited us to his music competition too. The Best Voice #thisisNOTthevoice.  He did AMAZING and he is only 15!  His parents wont let him get baptized and we just meet with him to keep up his testimony but he is super solid.  I hope his parents have a change of heart :/

Well my week was a little slow this week but these are the highlights and it ended up being great!  I love all of oyu and hope you have a great week!! Pace voua!
Привеште черул...

Heartz-ку драг ,
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Вырстникул Никасио Нейнгэу
Accidentally flipping the bird..
The beauty never ceases to amaze me
Elder Kennedy

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