Monday, June 27, 2016

The City of Rain

Well another week in Ploiesti.  Thew city of rain and nice weather thus far.  Sorry for all you AZ people....Its getting pretty killer it sounds like..40 C on average.....Sucks to suck i guess..

Well this week was linistit.  We met with a potential that the sisters gave to us and we played basketball with him and his friends. His name is Cris. The thing i like about romania is that when i play basketballl i actually look like im somewhat good...They suck..Really bad..Just a little worse than me though..
Cris rented us some "go-kart" type of contraptions with pedals instead of motors and we rode those around the park cuz he wanted to..and also race them.  It was interesting.  I felt like that rich kinda doo-ta-doo who bullies kids and shows them how much better my dads 2016 mercedes is than their old used early 2000's honda civic.  Thankfully im not actually that kid though.  I just looked weird riding a make-shift cart in a shirt and tie..
Afterwards he walked us to the church and pretty much every patch and tree and piece of foliage we passed he showed us the edible uses of said plant.  I guess my eyes are more wide open lookign for food.  I wont be running outta MSF anymore ;) JK
He is an interesting kid.

Nothing else too much happened but this week we did have one success story to share with our efforts to find people.  

So me and my comp Elder Haws go finding.  We were trying to find students to bring to our english classes so we could trick them and make them think it is a free english class when really it is a church service that indoctrinates you with the principles of the gospel. (Oh wait..Thats what everyone thinks we are doing...Nevermind..It is actually just a free english class..)  We have some good convos with people.  And i continue to look for ways to throw in the gospel if possible cuz realistically i want new investigators as well.  Nothing really happens.  Its coming to the close of our session and we need to just have one more good conversation.  Thatd be the hope at least.  So one method of talking to people that i enjoy is asking the history behind statues and cities and people.  In ploiesti there is this big statue in the park of an old ruler named Mihai Viteazu.   Well i didnt know anything about him, so might as well ask someone! 

Elder Haws
 Since we were finding people for english i decided to just make it even more interesting and just talk to someone in english.  It just so happened that a man was sitting on a bench right in front of the statue.  He is a Skinny bald guy with some really cool tattoos and a bike.  He was practically born to be sitting at that bench at that moment just waiting for me to go up and talk to him.  I start the convo and it goes really well.  He says what he knows of the history, i commented on his linistit tattoos and i asked their meaning cuz they were just weird shapes and stuff.  Turns out they have like a spiritual meaning for him and as soon as that "S" word left his mouth i was on it.  We had a good discussion about religion and he really enjoyed talking to us.  It lead perfectly into who we are, the book of mormon and before i even knew it i established a rendezvous with the young gentleman to talk more about the book of mormon over a nice cup of tea or something.  It just happened so smoothly.  The Lord is blessing Romania and Moldova and especially the missionaries here.  It is a great time to be a missionary.

Spiritual Thought:
I will keep this shorter since my week overview was long.  I found myself pondering about attributes to build as a leader and the one i chose was virtue.  I havnt been the most virtuous person throughout my life but i have always respected those who have been people of virtue.  So i decided i should develop this attribute while i have a good chance to do so on a mission.  

A couple scriptures i liked were D:C 121:45-46 and Proverbs 31:10-31. I liked the DC verse cuz it explains what we need to do and why.  If we "garnish our thoughts with virtue unceasingly" then we will have the Spirit as our constant companion.  Thats a gift i want to have my whole life and especially as a missionary.  

The proverbs one i like for more than the reason that i now know my new "type" for a wife (all jokes everyone..sorta..). #cinstit It just perfectly explains the type of people we should be virtuous and the effects it has on a persons life.

Hope everyone has a good week!
Much love,
Vârstnicul Casio Nango
Mihai Viteazu
Ploiesti e frumos
The chapel actually looks LDS
The District

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