Monday, June 27, 2016

The Higly Effective Missionary

Buna Ziua!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic week.  Our week was pretty awesome!  And it will only get better!  My comp, Elder Haws and I, have been working on ways to become more effective and pump up the zone withexcitement and creative courage.  Thats what our mission is all about!

We decided to try something new this week.  Finding with a Sondaj! (asurvey, but from here on out will be mentioned as a sondaj) A method made famous by my son, Elder Miner. #props  Our first sondaj trial was onRepentance or positive change (a good synonym word). you know, so we can"cry repentence unto this nation"  We just tore up Ploiesti with sondajes.  We literally just talked to everyone we walked by.  2 seconds outside of the gate of the church we received a contact with a nice gentleman who we hope will stay in contact with us.  Then as we continued down the road after talking to a few more people we run a cross another nice gentleman who actually was an investigator like 12 years ago.  He knew alot but we promised we had more to teach him. ;-]
And of course after every good session of talking to humans, there is always that one guy who seems super linistit and nice but ends up being super anti mormon. ...But the good thing this time was that it wasnt responded to negatively (see "spiritual thought" for more info)

Later in the week we had an exchange (switch companions, usually in another city for a day to train and learn from each other) in bucuresti, my hometown.  I was with Elder Tita my romanian bro!  It was pretty fun.

Even later in the week, we had 2 appointments with members in a row.  Sounds great right!?  WRONG.  They both fed us endless amounts of soup and chicken and stuffed morsels of deliciousness.  But my stomach could only take so much..Why cant members when they actually decide to feed us, decide to coordinate their efforts...Funny story..They did know that each other were feeding the missionaries..They decided to torture our digestive systems i guess...How wonderful!

And finally, we end our week with some EPIC finding.  After being so inspired by our first contacting experience with a sondaj, we decided to do it better a second time and a third and a fourth time.  Each time yielding a lot of results.  But we tried a different sondaj for these attempts.  One that was created by David Covey and is SUPER EFFECTIVE #SSBBrawl.  This week we are going to try his literal tactics instead of his watered down door approaches.  We just couldnt build the courage required....  But overall this last few days were great contacting-wise.  We actually love contacting now!  It is so much fun with the surveys cuz they cut the crap and go straight to the gospel so easily.  We find people who are actually interested.  We have used these principles and our testimonies of finding have increased and boldness and diligence have sky rocketed!
Here's our miracle example:

We are Block Knocking (a dreaded and horrible contacting approach in the Romania Moldova mission)  (better known as "tracting" for those of you who are mai in varsta).  We were super bold with one gentleman we met and did our sondaj and placed a  Book or Mormon.  He wasnt too interested in a return appointment but we know his address ;)  We had a good conversation with him though and figured out about his spiritual backround.

Cooldown session
 Then we knock on this one door and an older lady answers the door.  Super friendly and kind, we introduce ourselves and we become good friends in mere moments.  Her husband comes and joins the hullabaloo and we have a good session with them.  The point of the survey is to teach a restoration lesson andto get into their house.  We literally could have done that super easily with them but we just didnt feel it to be right at that moment and didnt build the courage cuz we were already being super bold with them.  #regrets...  Next time though!! Thats what this next weeks experiment will be! But on the bright side we kept hounding them with commitments X)  We said our sondaj comes with a message about Jesus CHrist, they said they were interested and we invited them to hear it and it would only take 10 minutes.  They replied not today cuz they were eating dinner and didnt have time.  So we invited them to read the Book of Mormon and said it would be better to see a movie about it or something and that it would be easier that way.  So the Spirit throws into my recollection that we have a 10 minute Restoration film....WOW! Perfect.  So i invite them to watch the film and we get their number and told them we would return the following week to share our message.  They were some of the coolest old people ever X)  So we got a couple new investigators, a return appointment, a couple of Books of Mormon placed and alot of positive rejection.  Thats like the best type of contacting to go through X) the positive ones!  And that was only in a short amount of time.  Imagine if we had more!  The Lord is putting people in our paths and in as much as we show our creative courage and keep the faith, The Lord will provide!  Its a great time to be a missionary!

Spiritual Thought:
So everyone who knows Elder Nango, knows that I dont like taking slack from other people..Especially the smecher punks who make fun of me for what i believe.  But there was some weird exception and much needed revelationon this occasion. 
I love finding funny ways to talk to people and there was this gentleman sitting at the park bench talking on a phone while also holding another phone in his hand.  So of course i decided to awkwardly sit there and wait for him to finish so i can ask him why he has two phones and then do our sondaj.  He wasnt weirded out at us for waiting at all and we had a good conversation.  We did our sondaj and he starts turning it more religious and of course we bite (he is a master fisherman of Mormon missionaries i bet..) And all of a sudden he goes off on our beliefs and random things but we actually were able to clear up some of his confusions (No i dont have 12 wives...No we dont believe that the Holy Ghost seduced Mary..etc etc) So that was good that we felt like we cleared up some of his miss understandings (that he said he found on gave him our card so he could read an actual church website if interested instead of  But then just asked us things that were true but since he had a different belief system, it just disturbed him.,..Nothing we could do about that.  And for some reason, i was in a slap happy mood this whole time and kept having this feeling to hold my tongue and just positively reply to this human and just listen to him.  
I held my tongue and responded in a friendly way the whole time and he invited us to rethink our heinous ways and we likewise invited him to continue in his search to follow God and we continued our walk through the park. 

And it came to pass that we sat on a bench to chill cuz my comp was getting a little angry and i realized something.  I cant blame that man for anything. He read stuff online and believed it and i probably would have done the exact same thing to mormons 3,4, 5 years ago..I understood his point of view perfectly and the only difference was that i trusted the missionaries testimonies over the websites theories. I took into account how i felt around Mormons and how the principles i learned increased the trajectory of my life and that is why im on a mission.  To help these people in Romania and Moldova come closer to God and feel those same feelings.  I cant just criticize those who arnt ready to receive us, i was once among them.

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