Monday, June 27, 2016

The Ultimate Transfer :0 "insert suspenseful music"

Well guys...Guess what.  I ended this transfer with a Baptism!!  Nabil got baptized and I was so glad to be a part of it.  He was so prepared and i love that kid to death!  My comp Elder Sanchez baptized him and I gave him the gift of the HG.  That was pretty hard to do in a foreign language.  X)  But The Lord blessed me with the ability to do it. 

On monday and Tuesday our entire mission joined at Busteni for as mission conference.  We did a short hike in the mountains and had some spiritual talks.  It   was good.  I got to see a lot fo my friends that i have made out here.  

Another highlight:  my best friend Daisy left to go to school in the Netherlands and that was really sad.  She is awesome and i cant wait to see what she does there.  She i a miracle as great as they come :) 

Geeks at mission conf
Then last but notleast..On the day before transfer boards cameout, Prez calls em up and  tells me to "get ready for a new, big adventure"  So i was flippin out!  That means i have to leave the beautiful city of Bucharest!  D:  Then the next day i figure out im going to Arad.  The far west city next to the hungarian border.  Then prez calls me again and tells me to "light it up there and be prepared for a new big adventure"  So impretty sure next transfer i willbe trainging and be a district leader :0  IF not whatevs, but Im stoked either way!  The city of Arad is small (compared to bucharest) and very old town war zone feely X)  Big difference.  But i do have probably thew nicest apartment in the mission :0 so american X)  There are only 2 elders, 2 sisters and a senior couple here.  So the work willbe pretty different too.  Where as in Buch i had alot more missionaries X)
oh random funny and sad experience: So i call Nabil and we twell him im leaving and he says "what?? NOOOOOOOO!!!"  Soo funy X)  hes a punk.  Then at church he started crying :(  It was a sad experience.  I love that boy! He will be amazing in the branch

Regardless, i am excited for this new opportunity!  God is a God of miracles. And as missionaries we have the right to ask for them.  I know that through him i can accomplish so much here in Arad and i really want to improve my missionary work here.

We finished the transfer with an all mission conference.  It was really fun.  Our bus was delayed leaving and arriving due to some flooding and such.  We hiked up a mountain and had a couple devotionals.  It was an awesome way to reward our efforts as missionaries!
Varstnicul Casio Nango 

Piata Romana
Tita family: Bucuresti
Li family: Bucuresti 
Buc sunsets <3

Bran Castle
The dynamic duo
Busteni ;)
Tramvai tracks
Arad <3

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