Monday, June 27, 2016

Transfers to (Insert Place)

Hello everyone!  Dont have much time to say things but i will just tell you the Low down on what has happened

So im transfered out of Moldova to Bucharest Romania again :)  But heres the twist.  Im an OFFICE ELDER!  So that will be cool!  I get to drive again atleast.  And work in an office.  So it will be like a job but im gunna try my best to incorporate as much  missionary work as possible and set the example for the mission wiht the AP's.

played tennis with President Ivory and Sora Ivory today.  I might take it up when i get home haha.

Love yall!  I will send pics next week of my chisinau adventures and my Bucharest adventures.

Spiritual Thought:
I want to make this last year of my mission amazing!  I want to start this transfer off right and talk to EVERYONE and not get lazy.  Make friends and change my self and others.  I found a cool scripture:
Romans 2:4 "the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentence." Im gunna repent hardcore this last year of the mish and do all that im asked to do!  #creativecourage  I cant wait to show the Lord all the Loves i got for HIm.  Here we go!

Have a great week!
Vârstnicul Nicasio Nango
Старейшина Никасио Нанго
Final Dinner with Tolic
Spies 1
Spies 2
The final battle
Ciao Tolic
Ciao Nina
The district
Ciao Mihai
Ciao my little bro!
The end of the battle
Ciao Sevghi

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