Saturday, June 25, 2016


Well hey howdy hey people!!  MIssing y'all so much!  This week was the last week of my first transfer!  Time flies when you are on the Lord's errand :)  I am loving it in Buch!  \
Well here is a rundown of the week:
Our investigator George isnt progressing and skipped out on our lessons this week :(  So we arnt going to work with him anymore really.   So thats sad...But if I ever teach at the MTC i will probably role play as him X) Cuz it would be hilarious!  
We went to a icecream shop called "Emilia" and one of the sisters investigator's friends went with us.  She looks like Sam Holt!  It was flippin crazy.  She looked exactly like her with poofier hair.  I swear i meet a twin for everybody here.  
Sora Johnson (Mission mom) is  leaving on wednesday :( She will be missed alot by me and the other missionaries.  But she has served the Lord well and I know she will do well in life :)
MOre service at Sora Albu's house in the countryside.
We went searchingup on the outskirts of BUcharest for a referall.  We eventually found the street but the lady said that the guy we were looking for lived in a field...basically..he was homeless...Thank you germany for the referal...Oh well.  We were walking home and randomly saw a sign in fornt of this dudes house that said "vand miere"/ i sell honey.  So we were like sure wy not.  So we bought some honey from this awesome countryside man.  And it is soooo good!  I love it.  BEst purchase of the mish thus far X)
My comp and one of the sisters played at the buch university of music for the israeli embassy.  The music was awesome.  Really good musicians played and it went on and on and on because these people were like giving rundowns of the artists and was like sportscenter for music...So we left early and went to this fast food place called Calif (shaorma and turkish food).  Sooo good.
My comp realized that he leaves in 6 weeks and started having a "panick attack" (not really, just stressed).  And so we spent lots of yesterday going through his stuff and  deciding what to leave and take home and what he needs to get.  haha it was a funny day.
One of our investigators whose wife is a member is progressing!  HIs name is Cesar and we had a lesson with him and he really wants to know if God exists now.  Before he apparently just would say stuff but never really get down to it.  But now he seems to actually have a desire.  It will be sooo cool if he gets baptized!!!  HE is a good guy and really funny.
Claudia and Cosmisn (piano student and mom)  are being awesome as usual biut they cant come to church for the next couple weeks :( So we cant progress them too much further .  But they are rreading and praying together  We gave Cosmin a Book of Mormon for Children.  (i am gunna pick  up a copy  too X) )  they are awesome and i hope they get baptized.  Tehy are sooooo prepared!
We met up with a Less active this week named "ilie".  Super dope, served a mission in Romania, super funny, loves music, but never wakes up to go to church...Other than that he is awesome and worthy and a bunch of stuff..oh well. #lovehimanyway
Meet the MOrmons movies premiere is this next week and we are gunna be SOOOO BUSY!  I am loving it.  So many members were excited to bring friends.  I hope we fill the theatre.  
Randomly this girl stared at me and brundage....I was gunna say something but.....she seemed a little crazy...Then we visited the institute class and i found a russian furry hat thing.  It was cool and i put it on walked into this room where a member was and stood there for a second and uttered the words "uuuh....buna..." and she laughed and it was a funny evening X)
And then last but not least, yesterday i was groped by a gypsy lady (for money) and she tried to make it all casual adnd pushed past me and acted all casually....But thankfully i keep my wallet in my front pocket...But i almost freaked out and wanted to deck this lady but i dint understand what was happening X) so nothing happened..i just sat there and kinda gave her the "evil eye".

Spiritual thought:
I have been reading in the New Testament lately and learning about JEsus and stuff (obviously..) and i have come to appreciate our Saviour so much more in this work.  I have strived to make the gospel my absolute language focus this week.  And i am excited to see how the Lord will bless me.  I know that he will because he loves all of his children and is willing to do all that we ask if we simply follow him.  I love Jesus Christ and i am grateful for his sacrifice. Stiu ca Isus Hristos este salvatorul nostru si el este lumina lumei.  Sunt recunoscator pentru sacrificiul lui Isus Hristos si vreau ca voi sa-si urmati invataturile
Varstnicul Casio Nango

District meeting la biserica
some honey we bought la tara. SUPER GOOD!
Me and the fam. pic of a pic..
found a furry hat

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