Saturday, June 25, 2016

uuuh...yes..i am wanting to be doing the..uhh..yes...thing..#englishclasses

Well everyone, as the title suggest, i love English class. Me and my new comp Elder Sanchez are killing it here in Bucharest.  He was in brasov for 7 month and he is dope at the language!  I am so blessed to have 2 comps who are good at the language.  I can t wait to see what happens over the next 6 weeks.  

Sanchez and i are contacting a lot and it is sooo much fun. 
#randomexperiencetime  So some funny things this week:
- bread truck did a u turn and his bread fell out...that was wierd
-a man growled at my comp because he was walking in the bike lane in the parc
-I dropped an enlgish card in the par to see if the people behind us would tell i dropped something, but they didnt..But the following dauy someone called us and told me that she found a card in the par and wants to comne X) #yeeaaaghh
-saw some people "listening to macklemore" in the parc....(cumorah)
-i spoke english to some girls wearing NY shirts (then freaked em out with romanian) and acted really awkward on purpose to them X) twas fun

I am really relying on the Lord this week to help my comp meet people and i have to talk on the phone and do more awkward stuff than usualk.  I have to put myslef outside the comfort zone and just get going.  I have found in as much as i put forth the faith to do what He wants me to do, i am having success.  I love the lord and i am grateful for all he has done for me :)
Varstnicul Casio Nango 

We decided to cover porn on the pole with my card and english stuff! #pornkillslove
Elder Sanchez si eu
Buc nightlife
Wishing we had #swag

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