Saturday, June 25, 2016

What Kind of Shoes will i Wear Today?


Awkward introductions aside. I am doing well.  This was the last week of the transfer and Elder Brundage is going home! D;  I will miss the crap outta that kid but i dont need to worry X)  He will come back while i am on my mission which will be so funny.  We will go on a dope exchange and hit it up like the old days X)

This week was stressful for us.  We MAde sure we met everyone to which he wanted to say goodbye and we still have a couple to visit before transfer day on wednesday.

I will be staying in Buch (YAY!!) and my new comp will be Elder Sanchez, who was a trainer for one of the other elders in my district in the MTC.  He is apparently really dope at the llanbguage as well and has only been here for 7 or 8 months or something. Sooo dope!  So im looking forward to this next transfer.

My goals for next transfer is to contact the crap outta bucharest.  This last transfer we taught so many lessons that we almost never went contacting..So this next transfer we waznt to make sure to hit up buch and have a huge english class!  It is so much more fun when it is large.  Cant wait!

But i am determined to work hard and improve my language.  I have seen that in as much as i put forth the effort, the Lord will bless me according to that effort (and often times more).  All he asks us to do is try and so i will make sure i try to be bulletproof this next transfer and do all i can for the Lord :)

p.s. so at the beginning of the secopnd transfer me, my comp, sora moon, and sora schwab were placed in Harry potter houses...We all have different houses, so we made tshirts and are taking a pic sometime today X)  So that will be a funny pic X) (ravenclaw is mine)  p.s.s. my comp loves harry potter and so does Schwab X) So they were really excited.  Along with my self X)

HAve a good week, look for the Lords blessings and strive to be the best human you can be!

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