Monday, June 27, 2016


Nothing too exciting this week.  Worked on transfers.  Taught a lesson and the couple wanted to know if they would need multiple wives...#dope
We were walking outside and this group of teenagers wanted to play the"bigger or better game" .  I told them i only had a Book of Mormon on me.  So i traded it for a handkerchief.   My comp Elder Christenson is going home so my new comp Elder jensen is here with me now.  He is also from my MTC group #again.  My prez must like me cuz this is the 3rd comp i have gotten from my group X)
Anywho..Have a good week.
Spiritual Thought:
Short simple and to the point: Just stay positive and be happy. 
Im trying to work on this more and more and i think it will help me in the future.

Vârstnicul Casio Nango

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