Friday, June 24, 2016

Words as tools that can Destroy my Heart

 They chopped all my hair off! :(
Bună ziua oamenii!
If any of you know the song referenced in the subject, you get brownie points this week. :) Hint: i listened to them ALOT. 

19 days till i leave for Romania...What!!! SO Stoked! 

Acesta Săptămână a fost OK.  We didnt do too much out of the ordinary. But good news came on thursday Ș) We will probably get ipads either before we leave or in the field :) Cant wait!! It will be pretty cool :) Romanian is coming along, i am progressing well, but last week we didnt really meet any district goals :( so we are going to try to pump it up this week and push everyone really hard :D  I was released as district leader yesterday, i think i am now senior companian for my companionship or something, doesnt really matter though X) We are trying to learn Joseph Smith's First vision in Romanian and i think i got it down and am ready to teach it to my sympatizanți :) Lessons are going pretty well.  But Andre is having some trouble understanding the need of the Atonement (sounds like me) so we are trying the best we can with our limited knowledge of the Romaninan language X)

I am doing well :) I have controlled my eating a little bit better and am doing some intense workouts to burn the belly X) I am 129.8 LBS currently XD 

Dormates love my "chollo" accent .. Dont know why.. Still having some struggle with my comp not talking during lessons but i know he will get better if he just trusts the LORD :)  I love letters by the way so if you ever want to send me a letter, it would be awesome :D  I miss you all so much!  Oh and i have officially determined that if Sysko was LDS, one of the guys in my district is pretty much the same person as sysko X) He plays video games, like heavy alternative music, has funny stories and is soo funny.  

We had some awesome Devotionals and i listened to some good talks so there is so much spirtual thoughts i want to share! I will share a talk i listened to on Personal revelation.  My favorite thing that BOyd K Packer said (1994) "revelation comes more by words we feel than words we hear"  Through the Holy Ghost we can know the truth of all things (moroni 10;5) and The Spirit will help us feeli that burning in our bosom that will confirm in our soul of the truth of all things.  I challenge all of you to read Moroni 7 to learn how to discern the spirit.  Fo r that is one of the most important things you can ever do in life.Moroni 7 tells us how to test spiritual promptings.  And by trial and error we will be able to heed those promptings more readily. 

I hope to hear from you all and i miss you all so much!

La revedere!
Varstnicul Casio Nango



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