Saturday, June 25, 2016

You Believe in Something Better

Alexandru! #Stud
Hey howdy hey people who which i love!!!  Another great week in the land of promise! The first week of transfer 2 went by super fast!!!  Two elders stayed in our bloc and they are super cool.  They were leaving to go home and it was a fun pday.  We wwent to carturesti (cool book store with a cafe on the top floor) and ate some good ciorba (soup).  Then we visited our investigator Cesar and he was very glad to see one of the elders we came with.  We didnt "teach him" we had one of the elders say goodbye.  And the Spirit was there and it was super good!  So thats all that matters :)  Our job as missionaries is to help people feel the Spirit!
Tuesday we went to greet the new incoming missionaries and they are STUDS!  They both served in the army and they are like wicked smart!  Afterwards we went to DIvan which is like this really fancy turkish restaurant and it was SOOO GOOD!  Then we had some lessons with Claudia and Cosmin and Maria and Mihaela.  They are doing awesome and they ask good questions!  I know they will get baptized!!!  Im praying for it so bad right now!
Thursday we got to go to CONSTANTA for a baptism!!!!!!  One of the investigators (alexandru)  who we taught a lesson to got baptized!  It was awesome!  He was so prepared and whne we saw him we saw a noticable difference in him.  He invited like 5 friends to his baptism and they all seemed happy and interested.  It was also good to see my MTC comp Elder Jardine again.  It was a really good day!
Friday we had more lessons with Claudia and Cosmin and Maria and MIhaela.  Then we had dinner with the K Nelsons (senior missionaries) and the Fotea Family.  They are super awesome and we tauight about authority and district conference.  It was awesome and my comp is really gunna miss them so it was good for him :)
SATURDAY WE HAD MEET THE MORMONS!!  Such a good night.  We started the day with District conference and then we went to the mall and saw Meet the Mormons.  Estimated about 320 people were there!  So we almost filled the theatre.  So many members were excited and they brought friends.  Estimated about 30 investigators were there i think.  So good!!!
And Sunday we had district conference and it was pretty good.  
Me and my comp got a little sick a couple of day but we are doing well :)

So i learned this week that when we work with members, yes..we have our calling as a missionary, yes we have our obligations as priesthood holders, but we also have our obligation to be their for the members.  To provide service and show love for them.  We cant just go to members houses and teach them lessons to fill up our goals and accomplish numbers.  They are people!  And i really learned this when we met cesar and just visited him to make sure he was doing ok.  I know that the Saviour is leading this work and loves each and every one of us.  He is helping the missionaries perform miracles in Romania and i am so greatful for this.

Bucharesti is the place to be!  Miracles are happening and I cant wait to see even more!  Summer in Buch is apparently a lot of fun.  Plus my comp is going home in like 5 weeks, so we will definantly have a bunch of fun!!!!!!

Varstnicul Casio Nango
Bucharest <3
#thuglife Patty-J
Panduri Chapel
Free park concert

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