Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Floarea Soarelui

Hey everyone!  This week was pretty slow and hard in terms of missionary work.  We had Zone training and some other random things that stopped us from doing a lot of work. But on the bright side we planned this week to be super good!  So i am excited for that.

Like I said before, we had Zone Training which was the only significant event besides going to the Branch Presidents house for dinner.  His wife is from America so the meal was like being in an american home again X)  It was great!

Road Trip!
Anywho, Zone Training..  We had a couple presentations on how to make our zone wokr more effective and we showcased some principles and contacting approaches to help make that happen!  It was good i think.  President Ivory aslo talked  about how to gauge success as a missionary.  And we compared it to saying you can gauge your success by your efforts and sacrifices to help establish the church in your area.  From that, we can work with confidence knowing we are doing well.  I thought it was really inspiring and a good pick me up for the rest of the week which kinda blew...

Other than that event, we tried some contacting throuought the week and it all kinda failed...with the exception of some gypsy chix flirtin up a storm with us...And all the judgement form the bystanders..Oh well..

Overall, it was kinda a hard week but we learned to pick our heads up and move forward!
Road trip!

Spiritual Thought:
I just want to end with an experience i shared at Zone training.  So at the beginning of my mission i had a hard time with many things but more specifically talking with people.  I mean, once i get warmed up with people, i talk nonstop..Thats a trait i have had my whole life, but going out of my way to talk to people who arnt specifically going to be the kindest soul to me, was somewhat discouraging..And i remember praying earnestly for most my mission saying "Lord, please please help me talk to people.  I want to declare your word and be a good missionary but im afraid and the people are sometimes mean here..Please, i need you.".  And that prayer i offered for a long time and slowly and slowly i built that quality of talking without realizing it.  While i was in Chisinau at the end, i made a goal to become a good contacter and talk to people and have good people skills.  And until my interview with president and the encouragement of so many missionaries, i finally have noticed that change more and more this transfer.  President Ivory and missionaries of my mission were discussing the change they see in me since i came into the mission and after pondering about it and seeing myself contact, i realized that the fears i once had were vanished and the things that were weak about me were made strong (but obviously i still have a lot to improve).  Im grateful for this opportunity i have as a missionary to reflect on myself and to grow and progress.  Through Jesus Christ we can change and change for the better.

Have a good week everyone!
Vârstnicul Casio Nango

ps the pics are from our trip to Targoviste and we visited a referal as well as explored the city, the royal garden and the tower/castle ruins.  It was great! 
Knights at the round tables


senior photos #purdy

companion fights

so hawt


thugz of targoviste

Red and I

not the true church ;)

Peace Homies

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