Monday, July 25, 2016

On a Train in the Desert of my Mind

So this was a good first week in Oradea.  Only "X" amount left. Im doing well.  Im just trying to build up some energy again so i feel like my good ol' self.  The Forest drains the Turtle sometimes... #parables But i just needa get back into the habit of finding as we go.  That was something we tried working on this week.  And we hope to do better with time this transfer.

Well, i arrived at my new apartment after a long 14 hour train ride...Super lonely..By myself..Just me and  my Uke on a train in the desert of my mind.  BUt i met Elder Hellewell my new comp in Oradea after the whole fiasco was over.

We started with a good planning session and talked about the people we are going to work with and how we are going to start off the transfer.  It was a good session and i really like Elder Hellewell.  He is a great guy!
Random things we did this week:
-We went to some Christian fundraising concert in Centru.  We met some cool italians and saw some cool people.  The Italians could barely speak english and we could barely speak italian.  So those conversations are always fun.  I wish i knew more languages!
-One of the members and his wife are pretty big metal heads, so i can talk with them about the good ol past time of hard rock, metal and screamo.  #dope
-Had 5 lessons in one day that caused us to go ALL over Oradea..Super tired by the end of the day..
-Walked up this huge hil to get ot a members house and was super hot and tired by the top, only to be greeted by a house without air conditioning X)  So that was an adventure
-Went la tara to visit a potential who has like 8 kids...Super huge for Romania.  He was a good man but really wasnt too acepting of the Restoration and stuff..That turned into a long annoying bashing session that i kinda just sat out of..But he is really cool and wants us to teach a lesson or something at his church he goes to..I dont know if that would hppen..but we will see.
On the way to Oradea
-Started making lyrics for a song on the Uke, we will see if it draws interest to people ;)

Story 1:
Elder Hellewell and I areboth working on being "Go-getters" this transfer because we both are just kinda the "just existing" type and we just do our own thing, ya know.  But we had this really good opportunity a couple times to just attack the day and get after it.  We had a day filled with pretty much just contacting and a lesson at the end...Sometimes good but many times just bad haha.  But we had a couple ideas.  The first of all being trying to get rid of some extra cokes in the fridege left form a previous companion.  You would think everyone would just want a free coke given to you by 2 Americans. It turns out, i guess there isnt anyone who would do that...So that kinda blew...But we continued and went to our lesson.  We had our lesson with this guy named Levi.  We talked about positive change (repentence) and how this particular principle has helped change our lives and we have been able to become better people cuz we allowed Jesus CHrist to change our trajectory.  We then just set the expectation that we are here to hlpe people come closer to Christ by helping them make it to baptism.  So we asked him, when he comes to know these things are true would you be baptized.  And he said yes!  So we told him the things we would need him to do to make it to that point and we stressed church attendance.  He said "I make no promise"  and we bore testimony of the importanace of  church attendance.
After this, we were pretty stoked and felt good about how everything turned out.  This would help us with our last section of the day where we had to contact for a couple hours.  We decided to go do the survey in a bloc.  So we chose a bloc and just tried being super positive and energetic.  Unfortunately like no one answered the door...Or would give us 3 seconds to explain what we were doing...One girl even just straight up told us "its not worth what you have to say.."  and i just kinda sat there holding my tongue and thnking "WHAT isnt worht you rtime!  I havnt even said who i am!"  But i was a little discouraged, yet again, the Lord blessed us at the very next door as He always seems to do after a trial of our faith.
An older lady opens the door.  We introduce our selves and she is happy and even has been to America before and we had a great convo.   We told her about the Survey and asked if we could come inside.  Her house was pretty dirty and unorganized and we decided to go to the balcony instead.  We were fine with that and we were abel to do the survey and get to know her soem more.  She was really nice and open.  We gave her a Plan of Slavation pamphlet and tried to see if we could share a message with her but she said she was too busy.   We tried all we could and that is what matters most.  And atleast she has a good opinion of the church i hope.  She was the ONE that we needed to find and to touch.
Story 2:
We had 5 lessons in one day and they spanned all over Oradea and gone. We were a little discouraged cuz we wouldnt haev much time to devote to contacting. During one of the lessons we met up with a memebr who lives outside of Oradea names Fratele Isopescu.  He is a rock solid member and is super cool.  I will explain more about some of the details of that visit below.

Zone Leaders are Thugz
But, he was super cool and we had a good visit.  We were alittle sad because Frat Isopescu was so prepared by the Lord and we were asking ourselves "where are all those prepared people?! Elder Hellewell was bringing up this one experience he had where in the area we were walking in was a man they met that was somewhat interested and had a son in Utah.  We were talking about how cool it would be to proselyte in this area nad find that guy again or others. And on the way back to the bus stop, we passed a gentleman who we said hi to.  He said he wanted to talk to us.  Elder Hellewell Recognized him as the man whose son is currently in Utah and was the man we were literally just speaking about..He said he knows a thing or two about us and we said we would have to visit him sometime and he said sure.  We didnt get his number though but he lives in the area so we will definantly have to see him again!  The hand of the Lord is in our lives so much!  It a great time to be a missionary!
We were also blessed to meet a good amount of cool people ont he way back.  We saw many people who we were able to leave a good impression of who were were.

This pretty much explains our companionship
Spiritual Thought:
I will now refer back to our lesson with Frat Isopescu.  He was a huge miracle.  The missionaries were knocking on his door in about 2005 and his wife answers the door.  He goes to see the hubbub and sees these american guys.  And from that moment he knew that they were good people.  They came inside and taught them the Restoration and left them the Joseph Smith pamphlet and the spirit "did prick (his) heart with the word" Jarom 1:12 and he was hooked!  He read the JS pamplet and had the same question Joseph Smith had and prayed and knew without reading the Book of Mormon that it was true.  An excellent story!  But what he said that struck me more was that he said when he saw the missionaries that he knew that they were "good people and men of God". He cautioned us to know that everyone is watching us.  We stand out.  We draw peoples interest and they dont always know why. This caused me to self evaluate and ask myslef the question, "Are my actions and words and thoughts helping me to be seen as a representative of Jesus Christ?"  And that questioned helped me check myself many times and is continueing to help strenghten my testimony of my calling. My actions could influnece those around me and even cause miracles in this wonderful nation!
Elder Hellewell is sexy ;)
Selfies ftw

Concerts are dope
Lots of older Euro architecture here


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