Monday, July 18, 2016

Back to the West

the English Class
Hello humans!  This week was pretty busy but at the same time pretty chill.  Kinda weird..We finished the transfer strong and guess what! !?  IM getting transfered to the west.  Oradea.  Really weird..One and outed as we call it here..But im trying ot stay positive and not be as butthurt for no reason.  This transfer should be great though!  Im looking forward to continuing growing and seeing how this transfer turns out in the new branch.

We had some english classes and i said goodbye (at this time i wasnt sure if i was leaving but we said goodbye just in case).  Took some pics and stuff.  We watched Wreck it Ralph as well for english class.  That was chill.  It was a funny movie.
We did some new contacting ideas where we stood outside of the church and invited p-eople to learn more and take a tour.  We also had a table of materials outside.  Kinda too JW-y but it was a good idea that i will try again i think.  Gotta be creative ya know.
When we did the church tour thing, i stood on the other side of the street so i could get people who tried avoiding us haha X)  And i had my uke so i played songs on the street corner and probably looked crazy.  But it is pretty fun asking people if they know what a Uke is..Cuz they dont know what iut is X)  So we play some songs and it  is a fun non threatening contacting experience.  I stayed for a chat with this older lady waiting for a bus.  She was cool but not really interested but that didnt stop us from talking and getting to know eachother.  Grannies be chill.

contatcting..soo hot!
Later that day, we were walking around Ploiesti and a random girl walked away from her group of friends to come talk to us.  She approached us and asked for help and we said sure what would you need.  And she asked where to buy tampons. Well, being Elder Nango, i never like missing an opportunity to out awkward someone..SO i asked her where she was from and why she wouldnt knw where to buy them?  She Said she was from Brasov and that she really needed some.  Then her friend walks up too and i ask him where he is from and he says ploiesti so i tel her to have him take her to the tampon store or something. She said no he was form Brasov too and the joke just got stupid after that X)  So we just told her to go to the local supermarket after some awkward back and forth conversation. We realized afterward that ya know its hard to out awkward missionaries..Our job is to talk to people abotu religion..The most awkard thing you could bring up in conversation X)  So if you can master that than you can talk about anything with ease.  #lessonlearned

Then i saw this couple with sick dreads and i walked up to them and asked them about how long they had grown them for and where they were form and all this random stuff.  theyuwere super cool and normal people.  It was refreshing and they were such a cool couple.  We coulodnt start any religious convo with them but that was fine.  Just planting a good seed is just as good as that.

Spiritual Thought :
Nothing too much to say but i want ot talk about positivity (which Sora Ivory says isnt a word).  I was pretty butthurt about leaving Ploiesti and all the work i have done seems kinda usueless here.  But I am learning more and more about the power of positive attitudes.  It really has changed my outlook on life to be a missionary in Romania and Moldova.  It has changed my outlook on people and hardships and just really what might constitute a "bad" life and i have learned to be more grateful for my life and the people i am serving here.  So as a result im trying to stoke myself out so i can serve the people of Oradea as effectively as possible.

my buddy at the bank



  1. Learning all kinds of new skills, eh? Ukulele? All rise guitar lessons are passing off, eh? 😉

    Have a safe trip to Oradell. You'll do fine there!

    Hugs and kisses


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