Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Working with Unweariness

                                                                                     This week was GREAT!  Where to start?!
First of all, we started the week by helping the Jeppesens (humanitarian senior couple) with their wheelchair project.  They drove us all over Ploiesti to check the status of the wheelchairs that have been distributed by the church through a company called Motivation Romania.  We met some people that were grateful for the visit and others...not so grateful..However, we met one of the coolest guys i have ever met in Romania..

Story 1
His name was Kiss Zoltan...The weirdest name i have heard as well..He has Hungarian ancestry.  ANywho, as soon as we entered through his front gate into his make-shift garage, i knew he was gunna be a chill guy.  In the middle of his garage was a worktable with a  custom motorcycle that he was working on. Throughout the garage were bike parts, car parts, bicycles, trikes, etc.  Trying to stop myself from hyperventilating, we continued into his house and saw paintings made by him, a guitar and old vintage stuff.  I knew this man would be my friend automatically.  BUT WAIT, it gets even better. He had an accident that ended up making him lose his leg and throughout his life, he has dedicated his life to just being a good person and contributing to society.  He made a custom car for his friend at age 23, he makes various types of tricked-out trike.wheelchair contraptions for those who cant afford professionally graded ones, he makes motorcycles for those without limbs..He is literally such a good and smart guy.  

I was super disappointed cuz when we did this wheelchair endevour, we wernt allowed to proselyte..So introducing the gospel wouldnt have been possible..So, we are hoping that if we are ever in the neighborhood again or think of something that applies to him, we can stop on by and see what we can do.   So chill.

Later this week, we had exchanges with the elders from Brasov.  That was fun but unfortunately, it continued our week of bad finding.  No one was really receptive this week.  On the day of the exchnage, we actually tracted 3 blocs and only had 2 people even try the survey..#trials..

Story 2
We wanted to attack this week unwearingly and GET INTO SOMEONES HOUSE with the sondaj and have the faith to teach them the restoration and set up a return appointment. The whole week dragged on. We never seemed like we were going to reach the goal. Door after door after door, slammed, rejected, yada yada. On Friday, never did we have such a bad day of contacting. People treated us almost inhumanely..After about 2 blocs and some failed street contacting, we were ready to call it quits. But we were so far away from the house, we decided to try at least one more bloc. Afterall it was only 7:30 pm and we wernt particularly hungry. So we approached a bloc and a lady happens to walk out of it as soon as we approach. Thankfully, we rush in and head to the top floor.  We were pumped! #nocoincidences 3 floors of no responses and We are about ready to head home again..But then the first person to answer was a man named Ioan and he was shirtless... Of course all i could think was "Well..Here we go again..Shirtless man gunna slam the door on the nicely dressed satan worshipers.." But we decided to be bold and make this one count. We tell him about the sondaj and he agrees and Elder Haws asked the gentleman if we can enter and he allows us in! We did it, we got in! We sat down with him and his wife and did the sondaj and they were looking for a way to come closer to God. And at the end we were able to share the restoration and they agreed to meet again. We told them about the 5 lessons and they said sure. It was a miracle and a witness of the Hand of the Lord in my life. Such a great experience!
We finished the week with Monday being 4th of July.  Yay!  We also had Mission Leadership Coucil which was a blast of fun, food and spiritual nourishment.   The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders from all over the mission all met at the mission home and we had a BBQ and chatted.  It was great.  Afterwards we started the spiritual council thing.  It was so uplifting!  We talked about starting another Book of Mormon challenge and many ideas that will allow us to take this mission to a greater level.  Im so excited for the times we are in!
Afterwards we bowled with the ZLs and STLs and President Ivory (of course he is good).

Spiritual Thought:
I know you are probably done reading by now but just skip this or bear with me, haha.   At MLC i was able to ponder my own conversion and feelings on different things in the church.  And i realized something.  I really dont ever want to go inactive! I dont want to go back and long for what i had.  I was watching this mormon message talking about Lots wife turning to a pillar of salt after she looked back at the city.  And it said that she wasnt necessarily turned to salt due to her looking back but it was for the longing of what she once had.
I was able to reflect and many times i say "if only before i was baptised, I_____" or what if after the mission I __________". Sometimes i say things of this nature due to regrets and sometimes just to say i lived a more full "teenage experience"  but i was able to think about the "blessed and happy state" i have experienced in the last 2 years.  After many doubts,opposition, annoying members, coming on a mission and etc, i have always held to what has led me to the greatest happiness i have received.  And that is the gospel.  I cant say i will be perfect but the things that will help me to stay happy are in the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is why im in Romania.  To share these things and help them see the "blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God".  To share my favorite doctrine being that their family can be together forever.   And i know that this is true.
Varstnicul Casio Nango
Thugz of Ploiesti
District unity right there

Elder Swafford and son

Subway thugz

Bowling at Promenda

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